Netflix Series ‘Love’: an honest representation of modern love?

I recently binge-watched all three series’ of ‘Love’ on Netflix, using my time in lockdown to watch shows I’ve been meaning to watch for a while now!

I really enjoyed this show, and it made me question to what extent ‘Love’ presents a representation of modern love- portraying a flawed, honest, and real image of relationships in modern society.

‘Love’ focuses on the growing relationship between Gus and Mickey, two young people living in L.A. The story starts with Mickey breaking up with her boyfriend, Eric. And Gus has just broken up with his girlfriend, after she lies about cheating on him so that he’ll be forced to leave her.

As the show goes on, it becomes clear that Gus is used to being pushed around by his partners, and Mickey has a tendency to self-sabotage. Struggling with issues she’s faced in the past, Mickey joins Alcoholics Anonymous, recognising she has a problem and trying to find help and support.

Mickey and Gus from the Netflix series 'Love' laugh and stare into space.
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When the two meet, they start to casually date, experiencing many, many (many) hiccups along the way, including awkward parties, dates, and run-ins with ex-partners. There were so many scenes which were embarrassing to watch. But while they were embarrassing, I enjoyed these scenes. They felt very real, an honest portrayal of the awkward elements of starting to get to know someone.

This show follows Gus and Mickey’s tentative relationship, as it turns from casual to serious. The couple experience many ups and downs, constantly having to deal with family and friends, as well as Mickey’s recovery, with all of these having the potential to ruin their relationship.

The ups and downs the couple experience are very honestly portrayed. As they learn more about each other’s pasts, they also learn about what it takes to build a lasting relationship in modern society, and the trials and tribulations of dating. I liked that the characters were flawed, and throughout the show they demonstrated very real conflicts and emotions, honestly portraying a modern relationship.

Mickey and Gus from the Netflix series 'Love' sit on a car and stare in different directions, both are moody.
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However, I found Gus and Mickey’s relationship very unhealthy at times. The fact that Mickey has a hard time when her and Gus are apart was very relevant to many people in long-distance relationships at the moment.

But the way she chooses to deal with this is so wrong. While I understand she is a flawed character, I found it hard to root for her character after this. On the other hand, I disliked Gus for some of his actions earlier in the show.

The way the characters lied to each other presented a relationship which was often unhealthy, and I couldn’t help but find the characters a bit annoying at times. But this was probably the point, showing that everyone has flaws and everyone is annoying in their own way.

As well as this central storyline, the show also focuses on Gus and Mickey’s working lives. Gus works as a tutor on the set of a famous TV show, teaching the spoiled child actors but really wanting to get into screen-writing. Mickey works at a local radio station, aiming to be a producer. I enjoyed watching how the personal and work lives of these characters developed over the course of the show.

Gus and Mickey’s relationship was the main focus of the show, but ‘Love’ also followed the story of Mickey’s housemate, Bertie. She was my favourite character, as she was funny and, for the most part, very moral. I liked when she had words with Mickey about her choices, all while striving to maintain a close relationship with her.

Bertie is clearly desperate for a confidante and a female best friend, and it made me happy to see her character grow over the course of the show as she became more confident, and realised that she deserved a loving, equal relationship.

Did you enjoy my series review of ‘Love’? Do you think it’s an honest representation of modern love? Are there any other series’ you’d recommend?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy reading x

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  1. I have not watched this, but I think I will try it based on your review. Addressing issues such as self-sabotage is important! As someone who was abused twice over (First by a romantic partner, and the second time was a college acquaintance who was clearly in love with me and wanted to manipulate me to think we could make a relationship work outside of our committed romantic relationships), I have existing trauma and I have issues with certain aspects of love and relationships. However, with all that said, I have a good relationship with my husband, and I trust him immensely.

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    1. I hope you enjoy it- it’s not like anything else I’ve watched but I enjoyed it a lot. There’s certainly some themes which seem very relevant to your own experiences. Thanks for reading Laura I really appreciate it, stay safe 🙂

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  2. I agree with much of this, but I have to say I wasn’t entirely fond of how it ended. I didn’t really think it was realistic based on their relationship, and almost seemed rushed just to please viewers. Great review! I enjoyed reading this

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  3. I love that you delved so deep into this! I think it’s an important topic – what’s healthy in a relationship and what modern love looks like. I haven’t seen the show but it really irks me when you can root for the main character after something major happens. I’m not sure this is what “modern love” really looks like but they do touch on a lot of common issues!

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  4. I haven’t heard of this show until now (not surprising though since I hardly watch shows!) but after reading your review of it I’m so very curious and will be jotting this down for the next time I find myself bored of reading and feel like watching something! Sounds like an interesting show 😀

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  5. OMG I know what you mean about their relationship being unhealthy! I’m not sure it’s a representation of all modern love, but it certainly shows your relationship doesn’t have to be perfect!

    Katie |

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