Product Review: Jessica Jade Designs

Welcome back for another post all about a small business ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I get the chance to talk about some lovely products I’ve used recently. This is one of the first product reviews I’ve done so I’m really excited to share my thoughts.

This is a gifted post. I was given 2 products in exchange for an honest review. Check out even more photos of these beautiful products on my Instagram and Pinterest account.

Who is Jessica Jade?

Jessica Jade Designs is a fantastic Etsy store, with Jessica selling products such as bookmarks, blogging planners, and stickers. I love that her products are often book-related, whether they’re bookmarks or stickers.

Jessica is a UK seller, based in Sheffield which is also my hometown, and so it’s brilliant that I get to support and showcase a local UK seller.

As well as selling products via her Etsy store, Jessica also posts regularly on her Instagram page, creating beautiful images using her products and showing some of her favourite books.

Bookmarks are always a gorgeous gift idea, or just helpful to have around the house when you’re starting a new book. It’s also so important to support small businesses and sellers, particularly at the moment. So if you’re into books and writing, and you’d love to support a small seller, check out my thoughts.

What do I think of the products?

So without further ado, let’s check out the products Jessica sent to me! The bookmarks came in a cute little envelope and Jessica included some adorable paper hearts in the package which spread like confetti when I pulled out the bookmarks.

Jessica also included small notes about how to leave a review on her store, and she included a cute personal note. This is why I love buying via Etsy, as it always feels so personal!

Open book with paper hearts sprinkled on the pages. A pink ribbon is laying on the pages.

Star-Sign Bookmark

The first bookmark Jessica sent me is a beautiful star sign bookmark. She has a lovely range of astrological bookmarks, and Jessica lets you choose which star sign you would like to be sent which is a really good idea and makes it that bit more personal.

An open book has a star sign bookmark in the middle. The star sign is cancer.

My star sign is Cancer, and I find astrology really interesting, so I was super excited to receive and start using this bookmark. I love the contrast between the dark, navy blue sky and the stars. The bookmark is quite small, which I like as it fits perfectly into any book. I also like how delicate and light it feels.

Magnetic Bird Bookmark

The second bookmark Jessica sent me is a beautiful magnetic bird bookmark. I don’t usually use magnetic bookmarks and so this is a lovely addition to my collection. I love the purple/dark blue colour of this bookmark, and it has a lunar theme which I like.

The open page of a book with a purple magnetic bird bookmark on the top of the page.

Jessica offers a range of similar items in different colours and designs, and I love using this magnetic bookmark as a bit of a change.

I think the only drawback to these products is that they seem very fragile. This means they’re beautiful and delicate, but I’m not the most careful person, so I’m slightly worried I’ll rip or bend them by accident.

However, Jessica made sure Royal Mail knew not to bend the package, and she included a strong piece of (recyclable) cardboard to make sure the bookmarks stayed safe during delivery. She also wrapped the bookmarks individually in tissue paper, which meant they arrived in perfect condition.

Where can you find these products?

You can find Jessica over at her Etsy store, and you can also follow her on Instagram for more beautiful images and designs. Thank you so much Jessica for allowing me to feature your products on my blog, and for sending me these beautiful items to review!

Would you like to see your product or brand showcased on my blog and social media channels? Get in touch!

Happy reading x

24 thoughts

  1. I love this! There are so many great local vendors that don’t receive the recognition that they deserve. The bookmarks look adorable – I love the star sign bookmark! I am going to have to swing over to her Etsy store and check out whether or not she offers Canadian shipping!

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  2. I feel like I’m always misplacing or using up all my bookmarks and can’t find a spare one, so I’m always in need of more! I’ve never used a magnetic bookmark before but the bird is so pretty! Thank you for sharing these products. I love finding home goods on etsy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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