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Do you want to collaborate with my blog? Do you need an experienced content writer for your next project? I can help!

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From Estrid razors to Day Translations, I have featured many fantastic businesses on my blog and social media channels with positive feedback!

I have a loyal following of engaged readers, including:

  • 7.6K+ Twitter followers
  • 1.9K+ blog followers
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Please email me at for more information or drop me a message on Twitter.

Freelance Content Writing

I am an experienced freelance content writer.

I write blog posts, articles and social media content covering a wide-ranging variety of topics, including fast food, data protection, health and well-being, entertainment and more!

From promotional content to creative social copy, I can create content that will inspire readers, reach new customers and create an online space that you love.

I love to work with businesses, magazines and fellow bloggers, including Age Media UK, Fumble, Desk Ideas and The C Word.

Please read my full freelance portfolio below or contact me for more information:


Twitter: @notsomoderngirl

LinkedIn: Eleanor Jones