Meet the Blogger: Lauren Hollie Fitness

A few months ago I interviewed blogger Kathryn, and I really enjoyed it! So today I’m so happy that I get the chance to interview Lauren Hollie. I’ve enjoyed connecting with her on Twitter, and so it’s great to interview her today.

What first got you interested in blogging?

I started blogging for the first time when I was about 12, I think me and my friends set up sites on Blogger and kind of used them as a bit of an online diary, or for film reviews we’d seen in the cinema- that kind of thing!

I’ve always been active on social media and had lots of online friends, so I think it’s a bit of an extension of that!

Now it’s more of a business thing as well, I use it to educate my audience on health and fitness and advertise my fitness business as well as still sharing personal experiences sometimes.

How do you find balancing work/study and blogging?

A bit hit and miss to be honest! I’m currently in full-time dance training and have a part-time job as well, so sometimes find it difficult to fit everything in and get the right balance, but lockdown has really given me time to think about what I want and what I need to prioritise and focus on.

I try and do what I can and not put pressure on myself to try and do any more!

For example, when I go back to training in September I will be dropping my blog posts down to once a week instead of twice so that I can still produce good quality content and not feel too overwhelmed.

How do you come up with blog post ideas?

I have a notebook where I brainstorm for my blog, and I currently have 5 sides of paper filled with posts yet to be written!

I get ideas from other blogs (taking inspiration and making it my own, never copying directly!), things that come up on Instagram, current trends, something that I’ve learnt recently or anything that’s been on my mind that I feel like I have something to say about.

I also love Pinterest for ideas and inspiration!

What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

Definitely the community! I love writing and I definitely think blogging has improved my writing and written communication skills, but I love interacting with other bloggers, reading, and engaging with different content and making friends!

The community is so supportive and lovely.

Do you enjoy using social media to promote your site? What’s your favourite social media site?

Yes! I love social media. I know it has its pros and cons but my blog for one thing would be nowhere near where it is now without it. My favourite for blogging is definitely Twitter!

Again, it’s the community over there and it’s easier to have conversations and discussions and share links quickly on there. I love Instagram but for different reasons.

What are the top 3 brands you’d love to work with?

TALA, Lounge Underwear and MyProtein/MyVegan/Women’s Best – one of those, they’re kind of similar!

What tips would you give to someone wanting to start their own blog?

Focus on one thing at a time. And content first! It can be super overwhelming trying to master Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, build a mailing list, work with brands, take your own photos, get followers on everything and creating products.

I’ve definitely fallen into the trap of feeling like I need to do everything at once but that’s really not the case! Focus on one thing at a time, and if you’re just starting out then that should definitely be content so you can establish your blog. There’s no point trying to find the perfect pin design or the best pitch to send to brands if you don’t have a good amount of quality content first.

Thank you so much Lauren for featuring your answers on my blog today! I really enjoyed finding out a bit more about this fantastic blogger.

If you’d like to check out Lauren’s content, find her on Twitter and Instagram, and don’t forget to follow her blog.

Did you enjoy my blogger interview with Lauren? Do you agree with Lauren’s points? What brand would you love to work with in the future? 

Let me know all your thoughts below 🙂

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Happy reading x

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  1. Lovely interview! It’s a cool idea to interview other bloggers. What you can get from those interviews are invaluable resources for other bloggers! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. I love hearing from other bloggers about their work! It’s nice to have a peek behind the scenes and hear about other people’s motivation and experiences. Thanks both for sharing!

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