Meet the Blogger: Just Me Kathryn

Welcome back for another blogger interview 🙂

Today I get the great pleasure of meeting a new blogger: Kathryn over at Just Me Kathryn. You can also find her on Twitter @Just_Me_Kathryn. So go and follow her now for some great posts.

Her answers below are all about blogging, reading, and growing as a blogger. So without further ado let’s meet this lovely blogger…

How did you first get interested in blogging?

A few years ago I started to hear a lot more on social media (mainly Twitter) about blogging and I began to read a few posts. I really enjoyed what I was reading and the fact that people could write about whatever they wanted and engage with others about it. It felt like a safe place to write about your thoughts and feelings, even though it’s out there for anyone to read. Writing for my blog became a form of escapism in a way.

I’d heard people referring to their blogs as their little corner of the internet and it’s true. I kind of like that idea.

I also wanted to try to engage with others to let people know that they aren’t alone. People might not be always be aware, or may forget, that there are others that can feel the same way as they do or have gone through something similar – happy, sad, good, and bad. Blogging became a way for me to share this and try to help others.

I did end up taking a long break from blogging and I deleted my blog. However, eventually I started to think about it again and wanted to return to it. It took me a while to gain the courage to start again, but when this lockdown started it gave me an opportunity to have some time to think about it and then set it back up. So that’s why my blog has been started again from scratch.

What do you write about on your blog, and what would you say your “niche” is?

I write about all sorts of topics on my blog, but since starting it back up I’ve focused on life and book reviews. I’ve actually done a few book reviews now, so although I didn’t intentionally set out to create my “niche” as a book review blog, it does kind of come across that way at the moment.

Do you have any tips for someone starting out their own blog?

I would say to think about why you started blogging and always remember that. Try not to let any pressures of writing or comparing yourself, your writing, or your blog to others. Remember to enjoy what you’re doing and be yourself.

Are there any other areas you’d like to explore on your blog in the future?

I’d like to write about any topics that I find relevant or interesting at the time. I’ve got a few ideas for posts relating to life/lifestyle/beauty, and some travel posts. And of course, I’ll continue with the book reviews as I do love them (I’m such a bookworm) 🙂

Do you enjoy using social media to promote your blog?

I can find it difficult to be confident enough to promote my self in some ways, but I do enjoy using twitter to try to promote my blog. The blogging community on Twitter is great. I love engaging with others, hearing their thoughts and ideas, and reading their content. You can learn so much from each other.

There are also some great twitter blog chats scheduled for different nights of the week where you can get to know others, chat, and share your blogs. Twitter is also a great place to connect with others and make friends.

Thank you so much for agreeing to do an interview for my blog Kathryn. If you want to check out my answers to these questions, Kathryn featured them on her blog so head over there now.

Happy reading x

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  1. I love learning about other bloggers! I also agree with the tip for new bloggers it is so important to not put any pressure on yourself! Great post!

    Amber – The Unpredicted Page

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