3 Bloggers to Follow this September

AD- This post was sponsored by my advertisers. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

This month I am super excited, because I get the chance to introduce some brilliant bloggers and online creators, I really recommend you check out these fantastic creators and their work.


Mary is a blogger and avid reader, and she has previously tried her hand at music blogging. I’ve had the chance to get to know her in the past few months through the blogging community on Twitter, and she’s super lovely!

Living with Endometriosis, her blog focuses on raising awareness for issues that are important to her, such as living with a chronic illness, and anxiety.

Mary’s writing is something I’m really drawn to, as I think it’s so important to speak openly about conditions such as Endometriosis, which are often brushed under the carpet.

I also think that we should be openly discussing subjects such as anxiety and panic attacks- two issues Mary sheds some light on.

A young woman stands on a bridge and poses for the camera.

Mary’s blog also features interesting lifestyle posts, such as her experience of travelling to New York, which she wrote in two parts in order to really provide the reader with a detailed account of her time there. New York is somewhere I’d really like to visit- so I’m very jealous!

You can find Mary over on her blog, and her favourite posts to write were those that speak about living with a chronic illness, and Part 1 and Part 2 of her exciting New York journey (featuring some gorgeous images).

A young woman stands on a bridge and poses for the camera.

You can also find Mary on Twitter, and you can connect with her brand new blogger account @thecoffeeeditx which chronicles her experiences of navigating her 20s, and advertises her brand new blog posts. She’s also recently created a Pinterest for her blog.

Mary is a genuinely lovely blogger and I can really relate to her experiences as she navigates her 20s, as I am in the same position! I really recommended connecting with her.


The second advertiser I would love to introduce is Netty, who runs a brilliant travel blog, Netty’s Notebook. I love this blog as Netty focuses on the English counties, with great posts about places such as Stratford-Upon-Avon and Tyneham Village.

Netty originally started her blog as an online journal, but has since started building her online profile as a digital scrapbook, reminding her of the places she’s visited and would like to visit.

As I am from the UK, I can really relate to Netty’s posts, and I love that she recently wrote a post about Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, which is very near me. It’s made me want to visit the house even more!

An old house, Tudor style.

However, even if you’re not from the UK, Netty’s blog is a great one to check out, as it’s a brilliant way to learn about local English culture, and the different beautiful counties we have over here.

Netty has also written several books, which I have not personally tried but can be found via her blog.

Over on her website, you can find a link to her latest book “La Grande Maison”, available on Amazon. This is one I’m definitely going to check out, as it’s about Netty’s time living in France as a single mother.

The book cover of 'La Grande Maison' by Annette C. Foster.

You can find Netty’s work on her blog and her Twitter account @BookNettys provides regular updates about her blog and her travel writing, as well as other blogging tidbits.


The final advertiser this month is the lovely Helen. She’s a yoga teacher based in London, and she has been teaching for over 3 years.

While she has been teaching classes in person, with the onset of the recent pandemic she wants to encourage users to try her online learning experiences, sharing hundreds of free yoga classes on YouTube to suit many different needs.

A woman lays on the floor and takes part in yoga.

During the pandemic, I started looking out for my health a lot more- with not much else to do, it was a relief to have something to focus on, and I started doing more workout routines.

Helen’s videos are lovely and relaxing, with various different levels and concentrations depending on what you’re interested in. For example, she has a video on yoga to do during pregnancy, or short, everyday exercises.

Helen had brought out a yoga e-book, with a 28-day yoga challenge people can purchase. This is a great idea if you fancy keeping on top of your fitness but don’t know where to start. Yoga is a fantastic self-care and fitness habit. You can find out more about this on Helen’s website

A woman sits on a yoga mat and stretches out her arms.
Created with RNI Films app. Preset ‘Agfa Optima 200’

You can find Helen’s regular videos on her YouTube channel, and you can find her Twitter page @hmfyoga and her Instagram @hmfyoga.

These accounts provide regular updates on her teaching and yoga practice. You can also check out her website for more information about Helen and her story.

Who are your favourite bloggers? Do you enjoy showcasing new and upcoming bloggers and creators? What do you think of these bloggers?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

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  1. All of these sound like great blogs to follow and I’m going to check them out, especially that first one. I’m slowly starting to talk about my own mental health and past abuse, so I find it very inspiring to see others talk about it as well.

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