4 Places to Find Skin Positivity

I know that I mention it a lot, but skin positivity really means a lot to me! Whatever kind of skin you have, we all know that “perfect” clear skin is a myth for a lot of people. So finding places that encourage a skin-positive message in the media and online is a must.

I love finding people, social media platforms, and films that promote positive messages. While things have improved in the past few years, images of people with “perfect” skin are everywhere, and it’s important to make sure everyone has an outlet to discuss their insecurities.

Here I’ve listed a few places to find a skin-positive message in the media and online.

“Epidermis” by Sophie Harris-Taylor

I recently viewed a fantastic series of pictures by Sophie Harris-Taylor, over on her site. The pictures are striking in their honesty and relevance, and I really enjoyed viewing something a bit different from a young artist.

These images promote a skin-positive message, representing women experiencing dry skin, acne breakouts, or birthmarks. Sophie shows that every skin type is “normal” and we should start to view differences as the norm.

Blogging Community

A great place to find skin-positive messages is right here: on blogs, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.

I love to find new bloggers and influencers who promote a skin positive image, helping people find ways to solve acne, but also encouraging people to feel confident and proud of their skin whether they have super smooth skin, or they experience constant acne breakouts.

For example, I love @acne.skinsideout and @emilykeel_ as their accounts promote a positive message- while also providing lovely tips and tricks for people in similar situations.

It can be super helpful to see someone going through the same situation as you- it’s great to follow another person’s journey. I think people underestimate how difficult it is to look out for your skin when it seems like no product works, or your diet is out to get you. So reading about people who go through the same situation is fantastic to find.

A woman writes in a notebook, with a coffee next to her.
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com


YouTube is a great place to find positive messages about lots of topics- and this includes skin-positive messages. I find YouTube videos really helpful, with practical tips for people who suffer with skin issues. I also like knowing that other people experience the same things as me, and so these videos can be really inspiring when I’m feeling a little down about my skin.

I also like how many skin positive YouTubers provide a humorous attitude towards dealing with acne. For example, this video by Conough Kathleen is so relatable- but also a bit of a laugh for people who suffer constant break-outs.

Skin-Positive Films

A few months ago I watched ‘Ladybird’, a fantastic film chronicling a young girl’s upbringing in Sacramento. The main character of the film is flawed- she can be mean and cutting, and her relationship with her mum is fractious.

She also struggles with acne, and the representation of her struggles with regular breakouts shows the fact that young girls growing up in America are not all as “perfect” as the media would suggest. I liked this slightly different representation, and I loved the film as well.

I’m so happy to see films start to consider that not everyone has the same skin type- and it’s refreshing to watch a film with a relatable main character.

In the future, I really want to see more and more actors with skin issues. In adverts, products are always applied to perfect clear skin. Just like how women in razor adverts are always completely hairless. It would be amazing to see women with honest skin on our screens.

A still from the film 'Ladybird' featuring two characters staring into space.
Picture credits here

Where is the best place to find skin positivity? Do you enjoy connecting with others about issues close to you? Do you have any recommendations for uplifting social media accounts?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy reading x

35 thoughts

  1. I love how positive and encouraging the blogging community is – including skin positivity, body positivity and more. It’s such a beautiful place to spend your time. That’s why I love reading other people’s blogs and connecting with other bloggers.

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  2. I suffer with bad skin when my diet isn’t great. Sugary foods seem to cause it.

    I love a body positive image and I love that it’s now fashionable to be real. Photoshopped and staged photos are dangerous in my view. It isn’t reality.

    Thank you for sharing these links.

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