4 Bloggers to Follow this November

AD- This post was sponsored by my advertisers. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

This month I am super excited, because I get the chance to introduce some more brilliant bloggers and their fantastic work! This month I get to introduce a few lifestyle bloggers and brilliant blogs about reading, so check them all out below.


My first advertiser this month is the lovely Emma Hersh, owner and founder of GigLeads, a job search and productivity tool for freelancers. She’s started this website in order to source jobs from all over internet and display them all in one place- saving time for freelancers, and meaning they can easily find and post job opportunities.

A membership with this site also includes exclusive details about the freelance work world, and daily news alert emails are in the pipeline as the site becomes established.

Gig Leads logo, "Gig Leads, Jobs for Freelancers"

Emma really knows her stuff, and in the past she has run blogs, worked as a freelancer, and knows how to effectively promote branding and work opportunities. I really recommend checking out her site if you’re looking for work, or for information about finding online gigs. You can also look out her freelance directory to find a freelancer or post a job.

Emma’s a great creator to connect with whatever your role in the freelance world. You can also find her on Twitter or Instagram.


The next blogger to follow this November is the brilliant Kat from Kat Spills the Tea, a brilliant lifestyle blog run by a fellow 20-something. She’s a fantastic Lifestyle and Wellness blogger, and she’s also a Marketing Executive. And I mean that blog name- isn’t it just brilliant!

Kat blogs about organisation, productivity, and self-growth– as well as mental health and fitness. She wants to support a message of positivity, encouraging a positive and happy lifestyle for everyone who reads her posts.

Kat Spills the Tea logo, "Kat Spills the Tea" with a teacup

She’s written posts about finding a healthy work/life balance, and exercising happily and healthily. As well as writing relevant and inspiring posts, Kat also offers freelance book reviews, guest blogs, proofreading and marketing copy- so get in touch with her if you’re interested in any of these brilliant opportunities.

I think Kat is absolutely great, and I really enjoy reading her relatable posts and connecting with her on social media. She’s a lovely person to connect with, and I really recommend checking her out on Twitter or Instagram.


The third blog I get the chance to feature this month is The Literary Game. This blog was created by Alfonso in 2014. During his time at college, Alfonso experienced frustration as a writer, finding he received harsh criticism from his professors and he didn’t get the creative freedom he needed. At the time he was a librarian and teacher living in New York, and after three years he decided to make it as a writer.

The ethos of The Literary Game is that of the self-made writer, demonstrating that anyone who has a passion for writing can make it in a literary career, provided they have the right knowledge. His blog contains a wealth of information about writing and publishing.

The Literary Game logo, "The Literary Game" with a book in the background

The blog is well written, and Alfonso’s focus has recently shifted to promotion of book reviews and his affiliate marketing pages. His blog includes various business and affiliate ventures, such as a book review page for authors and an affiliate program that can help writers help finance their passion for writing.

You can connect with Alfonso on Twitter if you want to find out more about his fantastic writing, his blog, or his affiliate program. And if you want to find out more about Alfonso’s credentials, you can find a brilliant page on his blog all about this.


The final blogger to check out this November is the brilliant Hugh Roberts, from Hugh’s Views and News. Hugh is a blogger and writer from Swansea, UK. Hugh loves to spend his time writing, and he has never let the fact that he is dyslexic stop him from living a positive and interesting life- and writing stories as much as possible.

In February 2014, Hugh wrote and published several short stories on his blog, and he’s even had anthology of these stories published under the title ‘Glimpses‘. Hugh’s writing takes lots of twists and turns, reminding readers of shows such as ‘The Twilight Zone’ or ‘Black Mirror’ with its unexpected endings.

A man sits on the beach with his dog

Hugh’s blog, Hugh’s Views and News, covers lots of different topics, such as blogging, social media tips, and sharing his writing progress with his avid readers. He is a keen photographer and enjoys helping to promote other authors and writers over on his blog.

Connect with him on Twitter to find out more about his writing and blogging, or find his story collections on Amazon. I haven’t tried his collections, but they’ve received fantastic reviews over on Amazon so they’re definitely worth checking out!

Have you checked out these bloggers? Who are your favourite bloggers to follow? Do you like finding freelance and writing opportunities?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below πŸ™‚

Happy reading x

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  1. I love the beginning of the month when everyone has their who to follow posts up – I always discover great new blogs this week. What a great mix you’ve got here – they’re actually all new to me so looking forward to checking them out.

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