My Top 12 Shows of 2020

After a year of lockdown, I think we’ve all watched a LOT of TV, and so I thought it was only fitting that my second post of January was a round-up of some of my favourite shows from the past crazy, unpredictable, awful year.

These aren’t all shows that came out in 2020, but they’re the shows that made my 2020- and are keeping me busy through these endless lockdown months.

Derry Girls

This series is the best! It’s hilarious, and just the kind of humour I love. Focusing on a group of Irish teenage girls (and one boy) living in Derry during the Irish troubles, this series is hilarious, but also touching. I love the scrapes these teens find themselves in, and I really enjoyed binge-watching this series.

The characters from the series 'Derry Girls' stand in uniform and pose for the camera.
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Sex Education

I love love love this show. I watched the first series of ‘Sex Education’ during my second year of Uni, and then I was so happy to watch the second series during my final year. It’s such a fantastic show as it focuses on a myriad of characters- all with their quirks, romances, and sex problems!

I think this is such a sex-positive, open show for viewers- and I love watching all the characters interact.

Maeve, Otis, and Eric from the Netflix series 'Sex Education' sit on the floor against their school lockers.
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How to Get Away With Murder

I watched series 4 and 5 of this series during the first lockdown- and I’m currently watching series 6 with my parents. It’s such a gripping, powerful show- and so funny because of how random it is!

I really recommend this series, and I love that it’s gripping and thrilling without being gruesome or scary. Viola Davis is also an amazing, versatile actor!

Gilmore Girls

Okay, I know this show always makes my list- but I love it! And with 2020 being a year of sadness, worry, and uncertainty- it’s been great to have a show that I know will always make me feel better.

Lorelai and Rory Gilmore from the series 'Gilmore Girls' stare into the distance, smiling.
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Mrs America

Me and my mum recently finished this series, and it is amazing! Over on BBC iPlayer, this series is about the women’s liberation movement of the 1970s- and the lengths one woman took to resist the E.R.A. and rally support against women’s liberation.

I think it’s a fantastic series that really makes you think- and I loved seeing how both sides of the movement were portrayed. Featuring prominent figures such as Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan- this really was a brilliant show.

The End of the F***ing World

I loved the first series of this show a couple of years ago. And so when I watched the second series in 2020 I was so excited! It was so fantastic- just as good if not better than the first series. Featuring the brilliant James and Alyssa, this series also introduces new characters, as well as questioning the viewers’ thoughts.

Alyssa and James from 'The End of The F***ing World' stand and stare numbly into space.
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New Girl

I’ve watched this show 3 times since 2020 started! I watched it alone during the first lockdown, and then with my boyfriend when restrictions were lifted a little, and now I’m watching it with my parents! It’s such a fantastic show to binge or re-watch, and I really recommend it.

The Hook-Up Plan

I loved this show, and it was fantastic for keeping up with my French! The Hook Up Plan is about a young woman who has had bad luck in love, and her friend decides to buy her a male escort to date (without telling her) in order to solve that.

It’s very French, and I’m glad I could practice my French skills even during lockdown. I might have to review this series soon, as there was also a special “covid-19” episode which was very relevant and really made me laugh.

The characters from the series 'The Hook-Up Plan' lay on the floor together.
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Brooklyn 99

I’ve watched this series a few times prior to 2020, but it was this year I watched it with my sister for the first time and so it definitely made my year. We’ve binged through it twice since, and I was so excited to share it with her.

Little Fires Everywhere

Me and my mum have got in the routine of watching certain shows a couple of nights per week, and this was the first new one we tried! Set in the 1990s and focusing on issues such as gender, race, and motherhood- this is a fantastic show. It also has a brilliant cast, with Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington excelling as two very different mother figures.

I would really recommend this show, and it had just the right amount of drama, romance, and humour.

The O.C.

Unfortunately Amazon took The O.C. off Amazon Prime before I could finish all the series’ 😦 but I managed to watch the first few series’ and I absolutely loved them. Focusing on a group of rich teens and “bad boy” Ryan Atwood, this show is a typical noughties high school show- and I’m hoping I get chance to finish it at some point!

The characters from the series 'The O.C.' pose for the camera.
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This is Us

I really enjoyed this show when I tried it a few years ago, and in 2020 I binge-watched all four series’. I’m so happy I finally got round to finishing this show, as it did not disappoint. This show was funny, touching, and thrilling. I really recommend trying it. It also boasts a fantastic cast, including Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore.

What shows have kept you going this 2020? Do you have any shows you turn to when you’re feeling low or anxious? What are your suggestions for 2021?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

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