5 TV Shows I Loved in School

With school starting for many children and young people this month, I thought I’d take a trip down memory lane and discuss some of the TV shows I loved in school.

Your time in school is such a pivotal part of your life.

As you grow up, you find your interests and you decide what shows you really love to watch, whether that’s with family and friends or by yourself.

In this blog post, I’ve put together 5 TV shows I loved in school. Let me know all of your nostalgic school favourites!

1. Gossip Girl

I loved Gossip Girl when it first came out! It’s full of fantastic characters and fun drama.

This is such a nostalgic watch for me now, and I can’t wait to try the new version. Gossip Girl is one of those TV shows that really epitomises the late noughties.

Image of the Gossip Girl logo, golden letters on a black background

I love all the fashion in this show, especially the sense of glitz and glamour. I loved this TV show when I was in school- and it used to be fun to guess which character was Gossip Girl.

2. Some Girls

‘Some Girls’ was a BBC 3 classic, all about 4 teenage girls growing up in London.

It is the epitome of British, teenage humour- and it’s such a nostalgic watch! ‘Some Girls’ follows these teenagers as they experience life, love and a range of school dramas.

I recently re-watched this show. It transported me straight back to secondary school- and I really recommend checking it out

Trending Live used to be a music and pop culture programme on 4Music after school everyday, and I used to love it.

It was supposed to be a run-down of the pop culture news that day, but the young presenters usually let the show descend into chaos.

I always enjoyed watching it after school with my Mum and sibling. It’s one of those nostalgic, trashy shows you love to hate when you’re young!

4. Gilmore Girls

I first watched Gilmore Girls when I started Sixth Form, and I loved it.

I’ve since re-watched it millions of times, and it’s one of those TV shows that will always be a fun series to watch and re-watch at any time.

Sixth Form can be a stressful time! Watching Rory Gilmore prepare for college seemed to mirror my experiences working hard in school and applying for University.

5. Mr Selfridge

As a teenager, I loved historical dramas. I couldn’t get enough of shows like Mr Selfridge and Poldark when I was in school. There’s no surprise I went on to study history!

Mr Selfridge is full of historical characters that are brought to life by a fantastic cast, including Ernest Shackleton, the Royal Family, A. A. Milne and the Dolly sisters.

I would love to watch this show again!

What were your 5 favourite TV shows in school? Are there any shows that are a nostalgic watch for you? Which TV shows did you love in school?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

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