Series Review: ‘This is Us’

I started this series during lockdown, and I’ve binged all four series’ on Amazon Prime. I watched this series really fast, and as I got deeper and deeper into the lives of the Pearson family, I enjoyed this series more and more.

So today I thought I would write a review of ‘This is Us’, combining an overview of all four series’- but I will avoid spoilers as much as possible.

‘This is Us’ focuses on the Pearson family, introducing Jack and Rebecca Pearson and their triplets, Randall, Kevin, and Kate. After losing one of their triplets during delivery, the couple decide to adopt a newborn who has been brought into the hospital by a local fireman.

As well as chronicling the upbringing of these three children during the 1980s, the series also looks at the triplets in modern day, struggling through their thirties. And as the series goes on, the show considers the triplets at different ages, slowly revealing more and more about their upbringing, their family, and their modern lives now

Jack and Rebecca from 'This is Us' argue angrily.
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This is quite a difficult show to describe, as it goes through so many different times in the triplets’ lives. The show is a chronicle of an entire family from when Jack and Rebecca first meet, to when the triplets turn 40 years old. So, as you can imagine, this show covers a lot of time periods, a lot of emotions, and a lot of storylines.

In particular, the series considers how the early death of Jack Pearson (while the triplets were in high school) affected their lives. The show slowly reveals more and more about this mysterious death, with the audience not finding out how he died until quite late in the series.

As a chronicle of this family’s life, there are so many storylines and characters. For Randall, there’s the struggles of a young black boy growing up with a white family. There’s his re-connection with his birth father. There’s his relationship with his wife, and his endless strive to be successful.

For Kevin, there’s the fight against the shallowness of his life as an actor. There’s his lack of attention as a young boy growing up. And there’s his endless search for “the one”.

And for Kate, there’s her endless struggle with her weight issues. There’s her maternal need to have a child. And there’s the constant feeling that she is responsible for her father’s death.

Young Randall and Beth from 'This is Us' cuddle on the sofa.
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I really, really enjoyed watching this series. It covers so much of this family’s life, and it must have been such a big undertaking to create this show. If you think my review has covered a lot of storylines, just wait until you try it. It covers so many themes. This made the series seem a little full and busy at times. However, I liked how it chronicled the entirety of this family’s life, and it was exciting, interesting, and realistic.

The cast of this show is fantastic. I love Milo Ventimiglia, and his portrayal of Jack Pearson as a complicated character works really well. After watching this show, I also love Chrissy Metz, so I can’t wait to check out more of her work!

I also loved the issues developed in this series. The theme of race relations in particular was very interesting to follow, especially how Randall struggles to fit in with his adopted family. The show discussed race issues I would never have considered, and it was so interesting to see these issues considered in different time periods.

Jack and Rebecca watch the football, on the edge of their seat and wearing team colours.
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I also thought the issue of weight loss and gain was dealt with really well. Kate’s struggles as a larger woman- and the link between her grief and her weight gain- were really interesting issues. I also don’t see this subject discussed much, especially issues such as binge-eating.

I liked finding out about the range of characters in this show. It made it clear that not everything is black and white, and everyone’s feelings are valid. Everyone has a back story and you shouldn’t judge someone’s actions without understanding their full story. I think this is very true, and it’s good to see a show that demonstrates all the different sides to the same story.

The death of Jack Pearson is built up throughout the show, with the full details not fully revealed until late in the series. But the final reveal of this death is heart-breaking. The episode which shows Jack’s death- and the events leading up to it- is so upsetting.

I was on the edge of my seat during this episode, and when Rebecca hears the news her reaction is heart-breaking. Jack and Rebecca have a beautiful love story, and so this death deeply shakes Rebecca- and the Pearson family as a whole.

Have you watched ‘This is Us’? Do you enjoy realistic, thought-provoking dramas? What’s your favourite series this year so far?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

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31 thoughts

  1. This is interesting, I’ve always wanted to watch it since I really love Mandy Moore but then I’ll see something new to watch on Netflix. I never read the plot of this series and the way you described it made me curious. Maybe I’ll finally watch it this time around. 😁

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  2. This is my favorite series on network TV. I love the way the characters have developed, and I really love the way the show moves around in time. It’s a real masterpiece. I can’t wait for the next season.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. One of my favorite shows of all time. It’s so touching and heartbreaking, you really invest in these characters’ lives and experiences. I love getting to see flashbacks of them growing up and getting as much Jack as we can! I’m super curious about where the show is heading and can’t wait for next season 😊

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  4. My mum absolutely loves this is us but seeing her cry over so many episodes has put me off bc I’m emotional at the best of times haha! It does sound fantastic though- I might have to try it out. Great review!xx

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    1. I completely get that- some of the episodes are heartbreaking, especially if you get emotional easily (like me haha). But yes, definitely give it a go if you fancy it and don’t let that put you off a great show!


  5. I love this series, thanks for sharing your thoughts, and insights on the show. I’ve only watched a few seasons and now I’m motivated to go back and watch a few more. C


  6. This is on my watch later list, but I’ve never gotten round to watching it. Thank you for sharing your review. It sounds like an amazing series and I am going to have to make time to watch it!

    Em x

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  7. I’m the sort of person that will never just start watching something without a recommendation. So yours, look good and the show very interesting. I will take a look

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  8. I absolutely love this show! It has such a realness and honesty to it that is so rare to find in a TV show. I end up crying at every single episode, but I love it. I watched the first two seasons last year, but I’ve only just realised the other two are on Prime now, so I’ll have to join you on the binge watching!

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  9. It’s one of my favourite network TV shows, and I love how layered the characters are. They’ve covered a lot of issues sensitively – alcoholism, body image, women’s ambitions, anxiety – but sometimes I do feel they are trying their level best to make you cry, so it does feel a little manipulative occasionally. Not that that’s stopped me from seeing the show season after season though. 😛

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    1. I agree, the characters are so 3 dimensional it’s great to see 🙂 there’s so many issues covered in the show, it’s fantastic! Yes that’s so true, there’s definitely an emotional factor to it, especially the use of flashbacks and shock


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