Surviving Graduation: 10 Unique Ways to Celebrate Your Graduation

Welcome back for the final post in my Surviving Graduation blog post series!

In this series I’ve discussed habits for new graduates and how to job hunt like a pro. I’ve really enjoyed discussing the issues facing new graduates at this time of year- tackling those big questions that can seem so daunting after you finish your degree, especially during these difficult times.

But today I wanted to talk about the fun thing about finishing your degree- graduation! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a graduation due to covid restrictions- and I know a lot of students are in the same position this year too.

So, I’ve come up with 10 unique, inventive ways to celebrate your graduation- without needing the formal ceremony, and all of them fun and exciting ways to commemorate this important time in your life!

Cook your favourite meal

It might sound basic, but cooking your favourite meal is the perfect unique way to celebrate graduation. Whether it’s ordering a pizza or cooking a delicious home-cooked meal- treat yourself!


When you’ve just finished a degree it’s sometimes easy to forget just how amazing that is! You’ve put in a lot of work- and you need to come down from any exam stress. Take time to do whatever relaxes you when you’ve just graduated.

Go for a day trip

If you’ve spent all your time working and writing for deadlines, you probably need to get away from your desk after graduation! Arrange a cute day trip somewhere to get a much-needed change of scenery.

Go to the pub

There’s nothing better than popping to the pub with family or friends to celebrate graduation. Toast your achievements and enjoy some quality pub time now that it’s possible to meet up with other households.

Get dancing!

With the clubs starting to open over the summer, celebrate your graduation with some dancing! There’s no better way to de-stress and it could be just what you need after studying, exams, and getting dreaded University results.

See your Uni friends

If you’ve been doing your final year from home, which is the case for many students, then one of the best ways to celebrate graduation is to be around like-minded students in the same position as you!

Visit your Uni friends and relive pre-covid University times.

Take “graduation” photos

This is an amazing way to celebrate graduation! Me and a friend took a few graduation photos outside the University of Sheffield as we couldn’t get to York, and this provided the perfect unique celebration of all my hard work in the previous 3 years.

Young woman holds a fake graduation hat on her head and a glass of Prosecco. Smiles at the camera in front of a University building.

Get some cocktails

I love toasting an accomplishment with a gorgeous cocktail! Celebrate graduation in style with your friends or family by going out for a few cocktails or to your favourite bar.

Frame your certificate

When you receive your University certificate, place it in a special place or frame it to celebrate graduation and show off your achievements.

Host a garden party

As we get into July, celebrate graduation with your friends and family with a fun BBQ, outdoor meeting, or garden party!

And that’s the end of my blog post series all about surviving graduation! Whether you’ve just started your degree or you’re looking for graduation tips as a current graduate- I hope this blog series has provided some help, some ideas, and a bit of fun!

What do you think of my unique ways to celebrate your graduation? Do you have any ideas for celebrating your graduation? Have you enjoyed reading this blog post series?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy reading x

67 thoughts

  1. Good post! Itโ€™s important to celebrate your achievement even if itโ€™s a small one. This is part of self care and love. I like to take a break from hard work, going to cinemas, cook myself a special meal, and even reward myself with something special like a designer handbag. Hehehe.

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  2. So lovely! I took graduation photos in front of my uni and also had a family photo as well ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s been 5 years and I haven’t framed my graduation photos lol these are really great ideas ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. That’s such a good idea, to take some photos outside a university near you – it’s so sad that so many graduates have missed out on their proper college experiences, but I love your positive spin on things, Eleanor!

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  4. I haven’t graduated yet. But just getting out of school for the summer means tons of day trips for me! I definitely want to try some of you other ideas too like having a fun photoshoot

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  5. Love all of these ideas! I never went to university, but I am always up to celebrate even the smallest of achievements! Going for a day trip and taking pictures sounds like fun ideas to do all together x

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  6. I’ve had two university graduations, the first I didn’t go to because it seemed like a waste of money and it was also my birthday, so I had better plans. But the second one I couldn’t go to due to the pandemic. I think as long as you do something fun with someone or a group of people that matter to you, then it doesn’t really matter what you do. That said, if you can, do a garden party

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  7. I couldn’t go to my graduation years ago due to illness and it made me really sad. Luckily, my boyfriend and family made it lovely. They got me dressed up in a posh bath robe and took photos of me throwing a hat. We went for a posh lunch and dinner and we drank lots of champagne!


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    1. Aw I love hearing other peopleโ€™s graduation stories, thatโ€™s so cute ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for sharing Rosie, Iโ€™m glad the people around you found a good way to help you celebrate x


  8. Oh I absolutely love this! There’s so many alternative things you can do to celebrate.

    In 2015 I didn’t attend my graduation, instead I went to work like any normal day. Pandemic or not, I didn’t like the attention and didn’t feel a need to celebrate what had been a rough year for me. But, I also never thought about an alternative and, I’d of loved to celebrate through going out to dinner or having a weekend away in hindsight.

    Thank you for sharing lovely.

    Kate |

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  9. These sound like amazing ways to celebrate your graduation! Thereโ€™s so many alternative ways to celebrate these days which I always find such fun. Thank you so much for sharing Xo

    Elle –

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  10. Aw, love these suggestions! I graduated in 2018 and after I had a meal with my family and did a road trip with my boyfriend (now husband)! It was super fun! These are all great suggestions for graduates having to change what they’d normally do because of on-again/off-again restrictions. Thanks for sharing, Eleanor! x

    Lynn |

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  11. I love this post Eleanor! I’ll be graduating soon. Before now I never thought of how I would be celebrating my graduation but there are so many ideas here. I’m sold already. Thank you for sharing!

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  12. Wonderful ideas. Particularly after the year we’ve all had. I love the idea of focussing on our wins and celebrating life’s achievements. Sometimes a chilled event like a garden party or funny photos is the best way

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  13. These are some great suggestions. This series has been an eye opener for me because I never went to university but I’ve learnt so much about surviving different aspects that I’d never thought about before.


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