8 Things That Everyone Struggles With- Even If They Don’t Admit It!

I’ve been writing a lot about improving your productivity and helping to create good habits– but what about those times when you just don’t have a “perfect” day, or even a “perfect” week?

Well, that’s fine too! No one is perfect all the time- and everyone struggles with something even if they don’t admit it.

It’s not common for people to admit their faults, but it’s easy for us to see everyone else as perfect when you’re struggling with something- or when you’re not feeling your best.

In this post, I’ve come up with 8 things that everyone struggles with- even if they don’t admit it!

Waking up on time

Maybe not everyone struggles with this- but some people definitely do!

It’s easy to look on Instagram and think that everyone wakes up at 6am, creates the perfect morning routine, goes for a 5 mile run and then sits down to work.

However, in reality- many people will roll out of bed and rush to work, or take a few hours to come around and actually feel like themselves.

Since turning to freelance work full-time I’ve got much better at getting myself out of bed and starting work at a good time- it’s necessary to my income and productivity after all.

Body confidence

Everyone struggles with body confidence from time to time, even if they don’t admit it.

From skin confidence to feeling unhappy with your weight, body confidence is a hard thing to deal with on a day to day basis- and it can be even harder if you feel like the only person who experiences it.

But everyone has their own issues, and it’s important to focus on your own mentality rather than comparing your body confidence journey to anyone else.

Taking the “perfect” selfie

Whether you’re taking a selfie for social media or just to send to someone else, you’ll know it can take quite a few attempts before you take one that you actually like.

But when you’re looking on Instagram, all you’re seeing is the final selfie that someone has chosen- and not all the effort it has taken to get there.

Everyone struggles with taking the perfect photo, and it’s important to get out of the habit of trusting everything you see online or on social media.

Going to bed at the right time

I find it so hard to push myself to go to bed- even if I know it’s the best thing to do!

I think it’s because I have to take off my make-up off, and my skincare routine takes quite a while too.

Plus, I love to binge watch TV shows on Netflix!

Everyone struggles with going to bed at the right time or sticking to a sleep routine- and even though healthy habits are good for us, it’s easier said than done.

Image of a bed with mussed sheets and a small bedside table with a lamp and small white vase. The vase is filled with small branches- 8 Things That Everyone Struggles With- Even If They Don’t Admit It!

Healthy eating

I’m trying my best to eat healthy, but it doesn’t mean I don’t sometimes struggle to eat my best- especially when I’m on my period, or if I’m out with friends and family.

We all need to learn to accept that we’re not always going to be perfect when it comes to eating. We need to enjoy our food instead of criticising ourselves for eating a certain way.

It’s great to look after your body and eat healthy foods– but it’s even more important to make sure you have a healthy mindset about your food and your body.

Your career

This is one of the things that I’ve struggled with the most- but I’m finally in a place where I feel good about my career- and you should too!

Everyone struggles with their career in some way, and it doesn’t help to feel like everyone else is working in their dream job.

Some people are- which is great! However, other people are busy working hard to save up, or working multiple jobs or re-training to get their dream job.

Some people don’t know what their dream job looks like, some people stay at home to look after their children full time- and other people don’t have a career at all!

It can be hard to feel like you’re not where you want to be, but everyone struggles with this problem from time to time.


I think loneliness is one of the things we’ve all struggled with over the past couple of years- even if we don’t want to admit it.

From the pandemic to changing relationships with friends and family, we all experience loneliness from time to time.

Working out

Trust me, everyone struggles with working out!

As someone who finds it hard to motivate myself to do exercise, I understand just how hard it can be to get yourself to workout regularly.

Everyone struggles with regular exercise, even if they don’t admit it- and you can’t always trust what people post on social media about their gym trips or amazing workout schedule.

Person running on treadmill, which looks out on a big stretch of windows- 8 Things That Everyone Struggles With- Even If They Don’t Admit It!

Do you struggle with these things? What would you add to this list? Are there other things that you think everyone struggles with, even if they don’t admit it?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

64 thoughts

  1. Love this post! It’s a nice reminder that we all struggle from time to time with these things. I’ve never been a morning person and creating a morning routine was the best thing to make mornings enjoyable since I was never happy to get out of bed 😀

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  2. This has been relatable from start to end! Love how you write about some points being universally true, yet people hesitate to acknowledge them as an issue for themselves. Honestly, amazing post and a great reminder to everyone out there! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great post! I absolutely love it because it brings honesty to the table. We are all working on our goals and it’s so much easier to share our successes than pitfalls. I struggle with binge eating and although I’m not proud of it I try to be as much honest as I can about it. We must give each others permission to be human!

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  4. I have been nodding all the time while reading the post! 🤣🙈 Everything is sooo true! I feel relieved that majority of us are going through the same thing! It’s good to know that we are not alone and we are in this together. Thanks so much for sharing Eleanor! xx Penny | http://www.whatdidshetype.com

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    1. Haha I’m so glad you could get something from the post, I hope that we can all start to be a bit more honest with each other. Thank you for sharing your experiences, I’m sure your honesty will help others too x


  5. Omg yes to all of these! A few I am trying to work on- body confidence for example – and others, like getting up on time and taking a perfect selfie, well I think those are a lost cause with me haha!

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  6. Pretty much all of them. I think career is good. I’m at a 9/10 with satisfaction there. Just need to hire another person so the load is manageable. Those plans are in place and we just need to get a few things in order.

    The rest… yes yes yes yes yes.

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    1. That’s fair enough- we all have things that we can and can’t do, you’ve just got to do what you can and be okay with that I think 🙂 Thank you for sharing your experiences, I’m sure your honesty will help others too x


  7. I related to so many of these, especially waking up on time in the morning. I also have struggled with body confidence for years – as many, many others have too. I think as I’m getting older, though, I’m starting to get better with it. It’s reassuring to know that others are experiencing the same!

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  8. this is very relatable. I also struggle with all of these pretty much. taking the perfect selfie one elicited a chuckle out of me as it is so modern and to the times but so true. we all struggle internally with how others perceive us or how others see us.. but the thing is we are all busy worrying about ourselves.

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  9. This is so accurate. I find myself struggling with all of these at one point or the other. Eating healthier, body confidence and my career choice are my most frequent struggles. Thanks for sharing this post. It’s nice to know that you are not alone in your struggles.

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  10. I think I find myself struggling with most of these things, I won’t lie! I really struggle with body confidence at the moment, it’s so draining, isn’t it? Thank you so much for sharing this with us lovely, it’s very relatable! Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

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  11. This was such a refreshing read! I think we often forget that we’re not alone in our struggles and this post was a great reminder. I can definitely relate to sticking with a morning and sleep routine. Thanks for sharing!

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  12. Definitely can relate to most of these! It think body confidence, loneliness and career-wise have been the ones I struggled with the most during the last few years. But as you said, everyone does, even if social media show us the opposite! x

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  13. Yes this is pretty much me too! I do go to bed at a specific time and wake up easily but that is only after decades of getting up at the same time for work. Thanks for sharing!

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  14. Its been a while, hope you are doing well 🙂 – I agree with all of this. I have certainly struggled with loneliness a lot, and I know a lot of people have as well. Thanks for sharing this!

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂


  15. Possibly one of the most relatable posts I’ve ever read – worryingly so! I struggle with so many of these things on a regular basis, the only I’m OK with is waking up on time because my kids are my alarm! You’ve really hit the nail on the head here.

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    1. Thank you so much Tom, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post- I think a lot of people will find these things relatable. Haha I bet when you have children it completely changes your ability to wake up early (even when you really don’t want to!). Thank you for your kind words


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