4 Ways to Keep Up Your Fitness Routine

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Many people are starting to find new ways to stay fit at home, whether that’s a home workout or going for regular runs.

I didn’t start working out until the start of lockdown– and I’ve had stages where I’ve been more motivated to workout than others.

I’ve really enjoyed getting into exercise. Staying healthy has helped me stay a little more positive throughout the long lockdown months.

However, if you’re a bit of a fitness novice like me, it can be so hard to keep up a regular routine. Life sometimes gets in the way, and pushing yourself to exercise can take a lot of effort!

In this blog post, I’ve come up with 4 ways to keep up your regular fitness routine.

1. Choose a time- and stick to it

Do you struggle to workout when your kids are around? Or maybe you work full-time and can’t workout during the day?

Everyone has their own responsibilities and time constraints- and working out can fall to the bottom of the list on a busy day.

Woman does a crunch on an exercise mat

However, if it’s something you want to push yourself to do regularly, you need to choose a time to workout- and stick to it.

That could be a twenty minute basic workout in the evening or a run around the block three times a week.

Whatever it is you want to do, it’s important to choose your time and stick to it as much as possible.

2. Keep it simple

There’s no point coming up with an elaborate workout routine that you know you won’t do.

I’ve found that just having a short list of a few simple exercises or stretches that I want to do each day means that I regularly stick to my routine, without feeling like I have to put in lots of effort.

dumbells to keep up fitness routine
Picture credits: DN Fitness Supplies

Create a little routine for yourself, and make sure you have the basic equipment if you need it.

DN Fitness offer adjustable dumbbells, saving you space and time when creating a basic home workout.

They also offer different packages to suit your specific needs. This means you can create a workout that’s right for you, helping to keep it up each and everyday.

3. Don’t take super long breaks

Unless there’s something going on in your life, I think it’s a good idea to try and avoid super long breaks from working out when you’re trying to keep up your fitness routine.

I made this mistake in the Summer, as I would visit my boyfriend for a few days at a time and take a break from my workout.

However, I then found it so much harder to get back into it!

As with any positive habits, consistency is key.

4. Have fun!

You’re not going to be able to keep up any kind of fitness routine if you don’t enjoy it!

I stick to a basic home workout that only takes twenty minutes to half an hour, as it means I’m sticking to a regular routine without too much time or effort.

I’ve never been a big fan of exercise, so this short workout works for me. It keeps me busy but it’s also a fun break from working at a screen.

Choose an activity that you know you’ll enjoy and it’ll be so much easier to keep up your fitness routine.

How do you keep up your fitness routine? Do you like doing a home workout? What’s your favourite fitness routine?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

84 thoughts

  1. This is some amazing tips. I love working out in the mornings but sometimes I feel like working out in the afternoon. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. I attempted to create a yoga routine to try and get healthier, but I ended up completely giving up after two months. Because it’s so hard to predict when I might have a hypo, I didn’t have a fixed time to do it, which was likely part of the problem

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  3. These are really helpful tips. I try to do 20 minute circuits combining abs, cardio & muscle toning to get the best out of my limited time. Plus it keeps me motivated because I know its only 20 minutes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes me too, I think lockdown has actually helped me learn more about how I like to exercise- and given me the time to implement a routine! I think a lot of people probably find the morning the best time to workout x


  4. These are great tips! I am guilty of having taken a long break and found it quite hard to get back to it now, so maybe I’ll have to start with less and add on. Also having something simple and that you enjoy is a must! Thanks for sharing x

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  5. It is so important to really take the time for fitness especially for people who are sitting at a desk at all. Thanks for the great reminder. I try to work out every day. If I can’t, I sneak in some strength training or some stretching exercises.


  6. great tips! I think the last one — “have fun” — is definitely the most important. If you aren’t having fun then how can you find the motivation and dedication to keep at the fitness routine?

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  7. Finding something fun is my biggest challenge – I’m such a lazy bones by nature, that any kind of physical exertion just fills me with dread! Such a good point, Eleanor, I will have to keep looking 🙂 x

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  8. Ahhh you mentioned the one thing that throws me off my fitness routine every time: breaks. I have a chronic illness and when it flares up, it can be for weeks at a time, making it practically impossible to do any kind of workout. That’s literally always what ruins my routine. It’s so tough to get back to it when I’ve been away from it for so long and lost all of my energy and stamina. I hope I can find a way to work out through my flare-ups one of these days.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That makes sense, breaks are so hard but I think you always need to prioritise your health and only workout when you feel safe doing so 🙂 that sounds very difficult, but it sounds like you’re doing so well and I’m sure you’ll work out a routine that works for you and your body x


  9. Definitley agree with keeping it simple, I tried to get into a very complicated plan at the start of lockdown and it just didn’t work at all!

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    1. I’ve been following your running journey, and it’s so great that you’ve been pushed to do something you’re enjoying 🙂 I’m sure you’ll be able to keep it up a little- albeit modified slightly x


  10. Exercise motivation is definitely a challenge! I find simple is best and just being flexible within it. I also try not to take more than a few days break because I know how hard it is to get back into working out once I stop

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  11. These are some great tips to help keeping up with an exercise routine. As my chronic illness currently stops me exercising. I try to walk at least 1,000 steps a day and do housework whilst I am working on my health so that eventually I can get back in the gym. Thank you for sharing.

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  12. It’s taken me years to finally form what I would call a lasting fitness routine. It involves all the things you said, but I would add one more; a little bit is better than nothing at all. The hardest part is always getting going!

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  13. These are some great tips! I’ve started to work out more at home lately and it’s so fun finding an exercise that you enjoy and can stick to, plus it helps with taking breaks because I don’t want to haha.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

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