Collaborative Post: What Are The Positive Effects of Blogging?

I’ve been blogging for quite a few years, but it was only after I graduated from University that I really started to focus more time on my blog.

This happened during the first UK lockdown, and the whole world was struggling- including me! I was so lucky to live with my family- and when I look back there are some lovely memories from this time.

However, I think everyone felt a bit low. We all had to find ways of coping with time stuck inside.

Mine was blogging! I threw myself into my blog, and it helped me create a bit of structure when everyday looked the same.

Instead of sitting around and doing nothing, I could speak with other people online, build a community and give myself the chance to practice my writing skills.

Blogging has always had a very positive effect for me and my mental health. It is something I turn to whenever I need a creative outlet- and I’ve even used it to find freelance clients.

In this post, I’m talking to 5 amazing bloggers about the positive effects of blogging for each of them.

From giving them a new perspective on life to the benefits of blogging for mental health- I loved hearing all their thoughts.

Add a bit of positivity to your day! Read about the positive effects of blogging for 5 bloggers across the world.

Happier Freelancing

I’m the freelance designer and developer, side hustler and blogger behind Happier Freelancing. I used to think that investing is only for rich people, but joining the FIRE community through blogging changed my mind.

FIRE means Financial Independence Retire Early. It’s a kind of lifestyle.

FIRE community is a group of people who set a goal of gaining financial independence and retiring early.

I’ve learned frugal living as well as smart investments on a small budget. FIRE community taught me so much and enlarged my life with new connections and friends.

To me, it’s difficult to talk about money offline. Therefore, it’s really helpful to be able to gather information and exchange opinions on the blog.

In addition, blogging has pushed me to learn new technology and new skills. These technologies and skills helped my freelance business too.

If you want to learn about business, you might want to start a blog. Blogs are a good platform to learn about online business, especially marketing.

Transatlantic Notes

From being able to share what I’m passionate about, to making connections with people, to providing me with a way to channel all my thoughts and creativity; Transatlantic Notes is an incredible labour of love that adds purpose and structure to my day.

Writing has always been a way for me to sort through my thoughts or make sense of what’s happening in the world.

It is equal parts helping myself, supporting others and trying to put something out into the world that makes a difference.

Posting on my blog represents one way I can invite intentional joy into my life. It’s definitely been a positive since I started doing it nearly thirteen years ago.

Lucy Mary Taylor

My blog has had a huge, positive impact on my life since I started it in 2016.

Before I started blogging, I was struggling to find that creative outlet, I knew I wanted to get into writing so blogging seemed like the obvious answer.

I’ve loved blogging ever since! I’ve met some really amazing and inspiring bloggers over the years.

I’ve also learned so many new skills that blogging brings with it. From copywriting to getting to grips with SEO and even improving on my writing, I’m still learning every day which is a bonus.

Blogging has impacted me positively in the way that it has brought me new opportunities, such as collaborations with brands- which I never thought was possible when I started!

It’s also helped me mentally, being able to put how I’m feeling and my views in a blog post have been like therapy sometimes.

I hope that blogging is here to stay as it’s had a positive impact on me in so many ways.

Forever Saving For a Rainy Day

8 years ago, I loved the idea of blogging and I desperately wanted a site of my own.

A couple of years back, I first ventured into publishing sporadic posts without really knowing what I wanted to put out into the world.

It took a global pandemic rocking our worlds for Forever Saving For A Rainy Day to be born, and I will always be grateful for everything my blog has brought me.

I started creating content during such a scary, uncertain time whilst on furlough. It gave me a sense of purpose, a creative outlet and a much-needed routine which helped me look after my mental health.

Creating social channels for my blog, like Instagram, has enabled me to connect with people who love many of the same things that I do.

These strangers, many of whom I’m lucky enough to now call friends, are an incredible support network of positivity, motivation and encouragement on an almost daily basis.

Blogging about my lengthy experiences with adult acne and finding others on similar journeys allowed me to finally accept my skin as it is, instead of seeking unattainable perfection.

It brought a sense of freedom after spending 6 years hating what I saw in the mirror.

I don’t like to think about where I’d be without my blog as I know it wouldn’t be anywhere near as good of a place as I am now because of Forever Saving For A Rainy Day.

Penny: What Did She Type

I started my blog back in 2018. It was a very hard year for me as I was dealing with my mum’s loss.

I found out that writing things on a platform took my burden away and helped me cope with feelings of overwhelm.

It was therapeutic, and I felt like I was writing in my diary, but I wasn’t keeping things to myself this time. I published it.

I wrote about mental health, my little trips and my adventures. I noticed that people were reading my little blog and they were liking it! This 100% made me more confident, both mentally and language-wise.

Since I’m not a native speaker of English, I was always self-conscious about my mistakes. However, writing posts really helped me with that- and I started to feel better at writing in English and expressing my ideas.

Thanks to my blog, I started making friends from all around the world. This also enhanced my communication and social skills, as well as my English once again.

I started learning about different languages and cultures in the world, and I started feeling connected with others around me. 

What are the positive effects of blogging for you? What do you like about blogging? How has blogging positively affected you?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

43 thoughts

  1. Some very interesting stories here. I think the main benefit for me has been the interaction with people from across the world. I did that every day when I was working p. Loving the insights I got from chatting to my team in Asia and colleagues in the US. I missed it so much when I retired. book blogging has helped fill the gap.

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  2. Great stories! I believe as many of the bloggers mentioned, it is a freeing experience and it’s great to learn to let go of perfectionism.

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  3. I found that blogging has given me a purpose in life. It staved off loneliness for me when it was lockdown due to the friendliness and interest of other bloggers.

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  4. I really agree with what the others have said both in your post and the comments. I love the connection with people from around the world that I get through blogging. It’s also a way for me to get myself in the habit of writing as writing is something I love to do.

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  5. You’ve shared some amazing bloggers and their stories! Blogging has quite literally given me a purpose in life again. I fell Ill 8 years ago and everything changed, I had no life and no hobbies, everything had been stripped from me until I decided to take the plunge and start a blog. It has changed my life in such an amazing way. I’m now excited to wake up everyday and create recipes to then share with you guys. It’s really positively effected my life! Thank you for sharing this lovely Xo

    Elle –

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    1. That’s so fantastic Elle- I’m so glad you used blogging to find a positive in a very difficult situation. It sounds like it’s been the hobby and purpose you needed to keep you going, and I absolutely love reading your recipes/other posts! Thank you for commenting your experiences too, it’s always inspiring to hear how other bloggers are positively affected by their blog x


  6. I loved reading what other bloggers love most about blogging! For me, I a huge part is the sense of belonging to a community. It’s so nice to know that fellow bloggers are out there rooting for each other to succeed and helping each other out along the way.

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  7. This is such an inspiring post! There is definitely a theme here of bloggers enjoying the community it brings. I also find a lot of enjoyment in having an outlet to share my writing and ideas on topics that interest me – and hopefully other people! : )

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  8. Being 10 years in and 3 blogs in, I can’t imagine life without blogging. It’s my way of communicating when I’m not with people outside of home. My husband isn’t a big communicator but I love to talk, so blogging lets me do that, when I want.

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  9. What a great post. It is interesting to hear from other bloggers about their blogging experience.
    I have learned so much about writing, SEO, copywriting etc. I also have had some amazing opportunities through my blog.
    Thank you for sharing this post.

    Lauren x

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