4 Bloggers to Follow this October

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Welcome back for another post with a few bloggers to check out this October 🙂

This month I am super excited, because I get the chance to introduce some more brilliant bloggers and their fantastic work.


The first advertiser I get to feature this month is Emma Dunn, a lifestyle blogger living in Dorset. She writes reviews about her favourite items to wear and use, and she writes informative, personal lifestyle pieces about her journey as a single parent with 2 children.

Her articles are personal and interesting, documenting her weight loss journey and discussing the ups and downs of looking after 2 children with special needs (as well as her 3 cats!). In the past she’s modelled with Katie Price, and worked with brands such as Simply Be and Next.

Woman stands in the snow

Emma’s blog publishes interesting and down-to-earth posts, and I love how Emma documents her experiences as a plus-size single mother. I’m sure her parenting experiences are relatable for any parent- and I love reading her reviews of various products that she uses around the house or with her children.

Woman stands by a tree

Her recent posts discuss clothes she enjoys wearing as well as her experience being called an anxious mum. She’s recently started her blog back up because she missed blogging so much, and she’s slowly building up her site and fantastic social media accounts. If you’d like to connect with Emma, you can find her on Twitter @MissEmmaDunn and don’t forget to check out her blog.


I’m so happy that I get to advertise the lovely Mary again this month! Mary is a fantastic blogger, and a lovely member of the Twitter and blogging community- I really recommend connecting with her @thecoffeeeditx and checking out her Instagram page for lots of updates on her blog.

Girl stands on a bridge in New York

Mary’s blog discusses everything from travel writing to living with a chronic illness, and I love that her posts are well-written and personal. As a girl living through her 20s- and exploring the world as she goes- I love relating to her everyday experiences.

Mary also writes brilliant lifestyle posts, such as her recent recommendations for her all-time favourite beauty products, showing those products that she uses on a daily basis. Lifestyle posts are so interesting to read, and I especially like reading the experiences of another 20-something girl.

Woman poses on a bridge in New York

If you’d like to read some of Mary’s fantastic posts, check out her post about living with a chronic illness, and her trip to New York. And don’t forget to follow her and receive regular updates on her new posts.


The next blogger I am featuring this month is the fantastic Jenna from Westveil Publishing. Jenna is a book reviewer, freelance editor, illustrator, and aspiring author from Canada. She publishes posts about books and writing on her blog, and when she has breaks in her blog tour schedule she likes to participate in book tags or share her favourite book reviews.

Girl stands in front of a book shelf

Jenna also posts about more “artsy” topics, sharing her gorgeous fan art for her favourite books- or alongside a book she is reviewing. Some of the favourite books that she’s reviewed are her reviews of ‘Legendborn‘ and ‘To Sleep in a Sea of Stars‘. She’s also participated in the TSS Author Tag and the Nope Trope Tag.

Jenna is very active on social media, and she can be found on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. As well as her avid interest in all things related to writing and reading, she also posts about her cats, Camo and Pebbles, and her long-standing obsession with horses!

I really recommend connecting with Jenna online, as well as checking out her writing over on her blog.

Woman takes a selfie in front of her book shelf


Nicole runs a brilliant travel blog, where she discusses various destinations and enjoys talking about all the places she’s visited- and all the places she’d like to go in the future.

Nicole currently works full time as a nurse, but she has a passion for all things travel. She loves learning about new cultures and languages- and finding the best things to do in each new place she visits. She wants to inspire others to travel, and gives as much advice as she can on travelling the world.

Woman poses on a bench and stares into a forest

Working her way around the world one place at a time, Nicole’s blog is all about her travel stories and experiences. Nicole is also passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and offering fitness and health tips.

Nicole lives and works in Glasgow, but over the past few years she’s had the opportunity to work abroad, go backpacking, and the chance to see some beautiful sights- such as a mountain-top wedding and participating a bungee jump off a crane.

Woman stands on the edge of a hill

Nicole writes relevant posts about places to visit after lockdown, tips for happy travelling, and guides for specific holiday destinations. You can also find her on Pinterest and Twitter, or connect with her on Instagram. I really recommend checking out her brilliant travel-writing and inspirational pieces.

Are there any bloggers you think I should check out this October? What’s your favourite way to support bloggers? Are you going to check out these bloggers?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

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