3+ Unique Reasons to Choose a Handwritten Card

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There’s something so personal about a handwritten card!

From beautiful lettering to special messages, there are so many ways to make a handwritten card as personal and thoughtful as you want for your next present or special occasion.

piece of paper and fountain pen- writing a handwritten card for a loved one

It’s always so nice to receive a handwritten card, whether you want to send a cute note to your long-distance boyfriend or you want to find the perfect thank you cards for your upcoming wedding.

In this post, I’ve put together 3+ unique reasons to choose a handwritten card, including a few creative ideas to add a personal touch to your next message.

1. It’s a memento

A handwritten card is a lovely memento for you and your loved ones, giving you the chance to look back and remember an important time or person in your life.

When I was at University, me and my sibling would send handwritten letters and notes to each other every couple of weeks.

card and envelope for a handwritten card

Although we messaged each other too, it’s now great to look back at these letters and laugh about the things we used to say, or get nostalgic about that time in our lives.

2. Thank you card

A handwritten card will add a little something to your next thank you cards!

A thank you card is traditional after a wedding, birthday or big celebration, and there are lots of creative ways to write a thoughtful handwritten thank you card and make it your own.

You might want to thank your guests for coming to your event, or express gratitude for their presents.

Choosing a handwritten thank you card service is a great way to add something more to your thank you cards, showing your friends and family that they are important to you.

3. You can personalise it!

In the digital world, everything can soon become impersonal- and it can take the fun out of special occasions or celebrations.

piece of card with "a rising ride lifts all boats" handwritten on it

If you choose to send a handwritten card, you can personalise it as much as you want, including fun signatures, quotations, nicknames, inside jokes, drawings and special messages for your loved one.

There’s just something so much more personal about pen and ink, especially if you’re looking for something a bit different for someone’s birthday.

4. It’s a thoughtful note for someone special

From emails to texts, it’s now super easy to send a message without even thinking about it. A handwritten card is special, showing that you’ve taken the time to think about someone.

It is a mindful, purposeful and intimate activity for someone you love.

If your friend is moving house, why not send them a handwritten card to congratulate them on the move? Or you could send a handwritten birthday card to your Mum instead of just sending off a text message.

letter paper and envelope- handwritten cards

Everyone loves to receive heartfelt messages from the people who care about them.

You could even choose a handwritten card to send a cute note to your loved one at work or to check in on your best friend!

Do you like to send handwritten cards to your friends and family? What is your favourite way to show someone that you love them? Do you have any ideas to add a creative touch to your thank you cards?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy reading x

11 thoughts

  1. I love handwritten notes and when my partner and I were long-distance, we would send letters and handwritten cards, and they are so much more special than sending a regular card you buy at the store.

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  2. I never realised how many people are sentimental about cards – until I decided to go a bit more Eco friendly and stop purchasing them all together. I’m now asked to send one as people miss them, so I like to purchase cards which are plantable and compostable incase the receiver doesn’t hold on to them!

    Rose | Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger
    @rosemaryhelenxo | https://rosemaryhelenxo.com

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