8+ Christmas Gifts for the Unmaterialistic Person in Your Life

Christmas is coming up – and you might be starting to think about gift ideas for the people in your life.

Although your friends and family will love anything you give them, you might want to think outside the box this Christmas.

If there’s someone in your family that doesn’t like material items, or you just want to find a present for someone who hasn’t asked for anything – I’ve put together the perfect gift guide for you!

As we all become more committed to sustainability, many people are moving away from traditional and materialistic gifts.

This year, you could choose to gift useful presents for your nearest and dearest, or buy experiences that you know everyone will love.

This can help you reduce waste and make conscious choices this festive season, finding the perfect gift for the unmaterialistic person in your life.

In this blog post, I’ve put together 8+ Christmas gifts for the unmaterialistic person in your life!

1. Skincare

I love skincare products, so I might be a bit biased! However, an essential product that someone uses every day is a great gift idea for the unmaterialistic person in your life.

skincare- gift ideas for the unmaterialistic person in your life

If your loved one uses a daily cleanser, moisturiser, exfoliate, night cream or make-up product, Christmas could be the perfect time to give them a hand with expensive skincare costs.

2. Concert or theatre tickets

Concert or theatre tickets are a great idea for unmaterialistic loved ones this Christmas.

This is a personal and thoughtful gift idea, as it really shows your friends and family how much you know them.

Tickets also give someone the chance to enjoy themselves in the New Year, as they get to watch their favourite band or musical.

3. Learn a new skill

You could help your loved one learn a new skill this Christmas time! If you can’t think of a physical gift for your friends and family, why not buy them a course?

If they’re a budding blogger, choose an online blogging course. Or if they’re looking for a career change, get them a few materials or resources to help them learn a brand new skill.

4. Spa day

A spa day is a great gift for the unmaterialistic person in your life. Give your loved one the chance to pamper and treat themselves during the festive season.

spa treatment- gift ideas for the unmaterialistic person in your life

This doesn’t have to be a full spa day. You could just book your family and friends in for a specific treatment, such as a message, a manicure or a beauty treatment.

Let’s be honest, beauty and spa treatments are expensive. Pay for your loved one to get their regular treatment or something a bit extra so that they can relax this Christmas.

5. Make a donation

If you’re buying a gift for an unmaterialistic person this Christmas, make a donation for them.

You could sponsor an animal in their name, donate to their favourite charity or give them a bit of money towards a new project.

They will appreciate that you are doing something good for the world without contributing any waste or buying them something they don’t want.

6. A membership

If you have an unmaterialistic person in your life, a membership is a great choice!

This gives your family and friends the chance to try out something new or continue to pay for their favourite activity.

You could get them a membership for a museum, the gym or even their favourite magazine. This is also the gift that keeps on giving, as it could last a couple of months or even the whole year.

7. A trip somewhere new

If you’re looking for a unique gift idea, a trip is a fantastic way to treat your loved ones without causing any waste – and it gives you something to look forward to in the New Year, too!

train- gift ideas for the unmaterialistic person in your life

This doesn’t have to be anything big. You could book a trip to your favourite restaurant for you and your boyfriend, or pay for a family holiday for everyone in January.

You don’t need a big budget to get someone an experience they’ll absolutely love!

8. Flowers

I love buying and receiving natural gifts. Even though I don’t have the best track record for keeping plants alive, a bunch of flowers or a small plant is a lovely gift for someone in your life.

You could choose poinsettias to add a Christmas touch to your gift, or you could even make a natural wreath.

9. Bake!

If you’re trying to save a bit of money this Christmas, why not bake a little something for your nearest and dearest?

You could take a box of brownies or biscuits to school for your friends, or bake a Christmas pudding for everyone to enjoy after Christmas dinner.

This is an affordable, simple choice – and you can add a personal touch for all of your family and friends.

Do you have any unique gift ideas this Christmas? What do you buy for unmaterialistic people in your life? What have you asked for this Christmas?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below πŸ™‚

Happy reading x

52 thoughts

  1. I love these, I’ve moved towards gifts like this recently – always get my mum something we can do together and the same with my husband – I suppose it’s also a bit of a gift to myself too but it means we can make memories x

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  2. Really great ideas here and you know what? This comes at the perfect time I always struggle with what to buy my dad πŸ˜€ I like the idea of gifting experiences. Great post thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think it’s so hard when people get older because they tend to just buy what they want when they want to. I tend to do craft boxes, or vouchers for my friend to provide ‘experiences’

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  4. These are some great ideas for anyone looking for gift guides! I love the part about making conscious choices this festive season. This way, it will fill a purpose in someone’s life rather than gifting for the sake of it. I am a fan of digital gifts such as a Netflix or Spotify subscription. Thank you for sharing!

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  5. These are such great ideas. I recently found a fantastic experience for my husband and me to do. We will learn to do pottery in the new year, and afterwards, we’re getting pizza! Otherwise, we wouldn’t have gotten anything for each other because we don’t need/want anything.


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