5 Ways to Show the Most Important Person in Your Life How Much You Love Them

It is the season for love and romance!

In this post, I’m talking about showing love to the most important person in your life. YOU!

We are all so quick to show affection and kindness to other people (as we should) but we beat up, criticise and hate ourselves. This needs to stop.

We all need to start showing ourselves a little more love and kindness. After all, we are the most important person in our lives!

Below, find 5 ways to show the most important person in your life just how much you love them.

1. Give yourself a break!

Whatever you’re beating yourself up about right now, stop!

We’re all human, and we’ve all done mean, wrong or stupid things. Whether you have some big life regrets or you’re fighting with your friend- no one is perfect.

Give yourself a break, and recognise that aiming for perfect character all the time is pointless.

You’re always going to slip up, but show yourself a little love and let it go. Just try to be better now.

2. That person who brings you down? Cut them out

It might sound harsh, but life is too short to spend time on people who bring you down or make you feel bad.

If you have someone in your life that doesn’t add happiness or worth, or that talks down to you, reduce the amount of time you spend with them and prioritise yourself.

You don’t have to completely cut someone out of your life, but recognise that time spent with this person is toxic- and do something about it!

3. Look after yourself

One of the best ways to show yourself some love is to look after yourself.

Eat foods that are good to your body, exercise regularly for endorphins and look after your mental health as a priority.

I’ve recently found that reducing how much I drink has had an impact on my physical and mental health.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t drinking much at all to start with- but it’s these little lifestyle changes and healthy habits that can push you to look after yourself inside and out.

4. Keep growing

It’s never too late to try a new activity or learn a new skill. Look after yourself by understanding what you need at different stages of your life, and alter your attitude or actions accordingly.

For example, I used to write as a hobby, and now I’m doing more writing as a job. So I’ve started getting into swimming as a new hobby, as my life goals and priorities have changed.

If you have children, these priorities and time allowances will alter with your new life.

Life is constantly changing, and the best way to look after yourself is to change and grow with it.

5. This is your sign – treat yourself!

Buy something that you’ve had your eye on or take yourself out for a treat.

You would do this for friends and family at the drop of a hat, but it can sometimes be tough to recognise when you need a treat for yourself.

I love to go to a café for lunch to read for a few hours or buy myself a new book. Treat yourself to anything you want, including a day off or a special gift.

How do you show the most important person in your life how much you love them? Do you have any tips for treating yourself with kindness? What do you do when you need to take a break?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

53 thoughts

  1. Great post.
    One way I would treat myself with kindness is, like you said, by forgiving myself more for mistakes that I make and taking a break when I am overwhelmed or tired instead of trying to dig deep and push through. Usually, I tried to push through when I’m tired but recently I have started to allow myself to slow down and relax and do something nice for myself instead. One way I am showing up for myself is by taking care of my body. I recently upped my fitness journey to do that.
    Awesome tips and questions. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I think forgiving yourself and looking after your mental health is necessary 🙂 Slowing down is so helpful, but I am the same- we all need the reminder that it’s okay to take a break or do something you love. I love taking care of my body, I’m so glad you could find some merit in this post 🙂 x


  2. This is a great post with amazing advice. I need to give myself breaks every so often but I always feel guilty. Thank you for the reminder.

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  3. This is a beautiful post with a seriously important message. I love that over the past few years, the emphasis on self-love has been front-and-center for Valentine’s Day. Love doesn’t just have to be romantic, which makes me so happy. Yes, romance is fine and dandy and I love my husband, but I’ve also learned to focus some of that love on myself as well and it’s wonderful! 🙂

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  4. This is great advice. Honestly, it took moving nearly 4 hours away from where my husband and I were living to see that cutting people out of our lives was a healthy (and much-needed) move. This ‘fresh start’ has been so refreshing and not seeing certain people every day removed a lot of toxic energy from our lives. Now I just need to remember that as we start forming new friendships and connections lol

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  5. I find it hard to show love to myself, despite the fact that I’ve got to be one of the most lovable people I know (lol). I let other people control how I feel about myself and although I know that’s got to stop, I just don’t know how. And in some cases cutting someone out is not an option. It’s complicated (bet that’s the first time you’ve heard THAT one, haha!). But I’m in the process of trying to show myself more love, so here’s to hoping.

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