5 Things to Look Forward to in Spring

AD- This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I don’t know about you, but I love Spring and Summer!

Winter has its benefits, but I love it when the days start to get lighter and the weather finally warms up again.

Even though we’re not too far into the year yet, I’m already getting excited about Spring on the horizon. There’s so much to look forward to in this fresh new season!

In this post, I’ve put together 5 things to look forward to in Spring, including fun activities to enjoy once the weather finally gets a bit warmer.

1. New life

With Spring, we always get new life- and that is one of my favourite things about this season!

As Winter ends and Spring begins, we start to see new flowers, and we finally get blossom and leaves again, instead of barren trees.

I think after a long winter, it can bring a bit of light to our lives when we see the world renewing itself again.

I always look forward to fresh Spring walks, whether we’re experiencing April showers or finally getting a bit of sun.

2. Less layers

This Spring, I’m looking forward to heading out in less layers!

One of the things I love about Spring and Summer is being able to forget about my coat, and wear whatever I want without worrying about the cold.

Spring and Summer weather gives us chance to dust off those Summer dresses, skirts, shorts, tee-shirts and jackets- and I can’t wait to wear less layers everyday!

3. LED screen experiences

I love the idea of enjoying outdoor activities in the Springtime, and an LED screen is a great way to watch one of your favourite films in an outdoor experience.

There are lots of options, such as an LED screen hire or LED video wall, which can be used at a community area, big party or even in your own back garden!

This is such a fun way to enjoy the warm Spring weather without even having to leave your house.

I think one of the big benefits of the weather getting warmer is the freedom it gives you. We can start to plan a few outdoor activities, and we’re no longer forced to cancel plans because of bad weather.

4. Holidays

As the weather gets warmer, more and more people start to enjoy holidays or book a bit of time off work.

Winter can feel like the longest season- and by the end of it we’re all pretty burned out!

Make sure to give yourself a nice break from work during the Spring and Summer months. You could make the most of our Easter Bank Holidays or even head somewhere sunny.

5. Lighter evenings

In Spring, the clocks go forward- and it finally feels like the dark has lifted!

Already, I can feel it getting darker, later- and I always get excited for those Spring nights where I can walk home from work or the pub and it’s still nice and bright outside.

What are you looking forward to in Spring? Do you have anything planned for Spring or Summer? Are there any activities you’d love to try once the weather gets warmer?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

56 thoughts

  1. I absolutely love spring and I honestly cannot wait for the lighter nights and fewer layers! And smelling all the new smells, the flowers…I already have a jasmine bush flowering that I can smell every day on my way to work and it just makes me so happy and hopeful!

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  2. I’m really looking forward to lighter evenings. They’re starting to peek through now! And wearing less layers. Our house is so cold at the moment, it’ll be nice to not have 5 different layers on. Haha. I’m really looking forwrad to exploring more too. I think we’re going to buy a national trust pass, so that’ll be a good excuse for getting out and about.

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  3. The best thing about coming out of winter is not having to wear so many layers and the sun coming up a bit earlier. However, the return of all the bugs is not great haha! 🙂

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  4. I’ve always thought of myself as a winter person but that’s completely changed now. I’m so excited for the lighter evenings and the weather change. I can’t wait for the flowers to bloom and being about to go out without 100 layers on. Spring is such a beautiful time of year that I never appreciated until now. I can’t wait! Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

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  5. I’m so with you on the less layers, my winter clothes are just ugly tbh haha. And I always end up sweaty! Also so excited for the lighter evenings, it’s already starting to get light when I finish work and it just feels so much better


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