4 Bloggers to Follow in March

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Spring is almost upon us, and I am so excited to welcome warmer weather and less layers!

This month, I’ve got a brand new bunch of amazing bloggers on my blog and social media channels. I love each and every one of these blogs, and I recommend checking them out this Spring.

Below, find 4 bloggers to follow this March


This is my first time featuring Sarah here on my blog, and I love Sarah’s posts all about her favourite books, radio and fantastic book reviews.

Sarah’s book review of ‘Dear Reader‘ is fantastic, and I really want to try the book now! She also reviews thoughtful books about topics such as fast fashion and I love finding my next book recommendation on her blog!

Sarah also writes posts about her love of radio and lifestyle posts, such as what she would tell her younger self now.

Find out more about Sarah on her blog, or follow her on Twitter this March.


Lynn is one of my favourite bloggers, and I’ve featured her on my blog before! Lynn comes up wit really creative and unique recipe ideas over on her blog- and they all look absolutely delicious!

I love Lynn’s recipe posts, such as her recipe for Canadian butter tarts and pink lemonade. Her overnight oats recipe looks like the perfect choice for breakfast or a tasty snack!

March blogger Lynn Mumbing Mejia

Lynn also writes posts about home decor and other lifestyle topics, such as her blog post about home decor when you have a budget and how to visualise your highest self every single day.

Find out more about Lynn over on her blog, or follow her on Twitter for regular updates!


I’ve featured Morag on my blog before, and I love her lifestyle posts about everything from being single to her favourite travel tips. She writes thoughtful posts about managing grief and I love that her posts try to help people in the same situation.

Morag also writes about taking solo travel tips as a woman, and what it’s like to be single in the 21st century. She writes about her time in Glasgow, and I love reading about all of her travel adventures- and where she wants to go next.

Young woman holds a disposable coffee cup

Morag is definitely a great blogger to follow this March! Find out more on her blog or follow her on Twitter for regular blog and life updates.


Charlotte is a fantastic blogger, and she writes about lifestyle topics and fitness over on her blog.

I love her posts all about women’s fitness, such as how to find the best leggings for your workout. She also writes helpful posts about delayed onset muscle soreness- and how to deal with it!

A woman stares at the camera, with a pair of sunglasses

All of her posts encourage readers to be as healthy as possible, but to make sure you do everything safely. She helps her followers learn how to start running again, and I love her post about healthy habits to start now.

Find out more about Charlotte over on her blog or follow her on Twitter!

Do you follow any of these bloggers? Are you going to check them out this March? What’s your favrouite blog at the moment?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy reading x

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