8 Date Ideas for Long Distance Couples

I’ve written previously about my experience of a long distance relationship during a pandemic- and if you’re currently in a long distance relationship I really do understand how tough it is.

Just because you and your partner might not be together physically all the time, it doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun and enjoy dates!

In this post, I’ve put together a list of 8 date ideas if you and your partner are currently in a long distance relationship.

Just chat

I think one of the lovely things about relationships is those little chats you have when you talk about nothing particularly important- but it helps you feel close to the other person.

This can feel lost when your relationship is over message or phone calls, so pick a time when you can both have a proper phone call.

You could even stay on the phone while you both do other things, but just knowing you can chat to that person when you want to is so important.

Play a quiz!

If you’re stuck apart from your partner for a while, it’s important to get inventive with “date nights” and quizzes are a fun way to enjoy yourself with something a bit different.

Synch up your favourite TV show

One of the things that really helped me and my boyfriend was watching TV at the same time, and messaging each other.

It wasn’t the same as watching TV in-person together, but it made us feel a little closer- and I would really recommend it for any long distance couples

Do activities with other people

Instead of just calling each other, try having a “double date” over Zoom or having a catch-up with other friends if you’re in the same friendship group.

If you were living in-person together, you would meet up in groups sometimes, so try to recreate this while you can’t be together.

Meet up somewhere new

For your next meet-up, try meeting up somewhere new instead of going to the normal place that you meet up.

For example, me and my boyfriend would meet in York sometimes, and then sometimes we would stay at each other’s family homes.

It’s all about having a bit of fun with your partner while you have the chance to go on in-person dates and actually see each other.

Video call each other

Set a video call date with your long distance couple and make sure you treat it like a proper date.

Chat and flirt, and enjoy the chance to talk to your partner while you can actually see their face!

Cook together

Cook a meal together over video call!

This is a fun way to enjoy each other’s company as if you were together, and it lets you enjoy a tasty meal with each other at the end.

Don’t feel pressure to go on “dates” when you meet up

When you finally meet up with your long distance partner, you can feel so much pressure to go on dates and make the most of your time together.

But try to remember that just being together is the most important thing, so watch your favourite TV shows together, chat and plan your next visit.

For any long distance couples out there, it gets better- I promise!

Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? Do you enjoy any of these long distance date ideas? Do you have any date ideas for long distance couples?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

52 thoughts

  1. I love these ideas! My boyfriend and I see each other about once every two weeks. Sometimes three! Compared to other long distance couples, I’d say my situation isn’t as bad but we still consider it long distance.

    I feel like video call or calling in general is the most personal for us. We always call each other at the end of the day just to say goodnight or catch up on what’s been going on in our lives. It’s great.

    Great post!

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  2. These are brilliant ideas! When my husband and I were long distance we would have dinner dates over the phone. We’d both make the same meal and sit and eat together — which was always funny as there was a time difference so my husband often had food earlier in the day than he’d like, haha! We’d also do quizzes and word games — even though I am very glad we closed the distance after a very long time apart, thinking back on all the things we did to show love were so special. Great post!

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  3. I’ve only had one long distance relationship and video calls were our choice 🙂 We’d usually talk via messages and phone calls, but it was always lovely when we set time apart for video calls.We’d have dinner “together”, sync movies or play games. Lovely post, useful tips 🙂

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  4. Loving these ideas! I’ve never had a long distance relationship but i defo think these will come in handy if I ever do. Switching things up is always important in a relationship and you’ve shared some great ideas to do so. Thank you so much for sharing lovely Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

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  5. I am in a long distance relationship and we usually plan to see each other every couple of weeks. However this time it has been a bit longer. These are some great ideas. Video chat has been so amazing to do to still feel connected. Thank you for sharing these ideas.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl


  6. I’ve never been in a long distance relationship but you seemed to have figured out how to make it successful! Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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  7. Love all of these dating ideas for long-distance. Especially the one where you can sycho to watch the same programme or a film. Thank you for sharing.


  8. Love all of these dating ideas for long-distance. Especially the one where you can sycho to watch the same programme or a film. Thank you for sharing this post


  9. Love all of these dating ideas for long-distance. Especially the one where you can watch the same tv programme or romantic film. Thank you for sharing.


  10. When I was younger I would have really struggled with the concept of a long-distance relationship, but now I’m older I think (not that I’ll ever be in that situation) I’d be more adaptable, some of these suggestions would definitely help that! Especially the quizzes thing – I get so competitive she’d get annoyed with me even from miles away!

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    1. It’s definitely tough and not an ideal situation for anyone. I’m super competitive too! That makes sense, you realise that actually being with that person in the long run is the most important thing- and for that you can put up with distance for a bit! Not that I handled it particularly well haha


  11. These tips were so helpful, Eleanor! Me and my boyfriend have gone through the long distance period during the early days of pandemic, it was hard! I wish I had knew these tips sooner! Thank you so much for sharing. xx Penny / whatdidshetype.com

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  12. These are all amazing ideas! I think that if I will ever be in a long-distance relationship video calls would be such a great thing as well as sharing time together watching just tv, also what you said last on not putting pressure when you see each other is so needed!

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  13. During the pandemic my partner and I were unable to see each other because of the lockdown, but we’d sync movies and watch them together while talking through messenger. We also played a lot Switch together while video chatting. I’d recommend both

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  14. Great activities and advice here. My husband and I are lucky enough that we were never long distances, but I can understand the difficulty. When we lived apart we gamed together when we could and it was honestly the making of our relationship.

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