4 Picture-Perfect Outdoor Spots to Eat in York

AD- This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

I love the city of York, and as a recent graduate and frequent visitor of the city I have been to quite a few places in and around York. There are so many cute, fantastic places to eat and drink in York, including lots of picture-perfect spots and restaurants full of ambience and great food!

At the moment I love finding places that offer outdoor seating. Even though we can sit inside restaurants now, it’s great to have the option to sit outside and make the most of any nice weather we might have- and stay safe as we make our way out of lockdown!

In this post, I’ve put together a few of my favourite, picture-perfect outdoor spots to eat in York. This list also includes a few places that have the option to eat inside- just in case the weather isn’t quite as warm as you wanted!

Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is one of my favourite picture-perfect places to eat and drink in York. They serve fantastic Caribbean food and cocktails, and Turtle Bay always adds such a fun, celebratory feel to an evening.

While the outdoor area of Turtle Bay in York isn’t as great as other cities, I really recommend checking out Turtle Bay for its fantastic food and delicious rum cocktails.

A picture-perfect spot in Turtle Bay, York

Donner Summer

I recently visited my friends in York, and we went for some fantastic vegan food at Donner Summer, a fully-vegan restaurant specialising in vegan junk food such as fried “chicken” and donner “meat”.

The ambience of this restaurant is fantastic, and the garden has a cover and is decorated with beautiful fairy lights. It’s such a picture-perfect outdoor spot to eat in any weather!

I love finding lovely outdoor spots to eat at the moment- and it’s a great way to stay covid-safe whenever you meet up with others! Click here to find out about SquareMeal, a great site that helps you find fantastic places to eat, drink, and meet up with friends wherever you are in the country.

Picnic in the Museum Gardens

The best picture-perfect outdoor spot to eat in York is one of the city’s beautiful gardens or parks! I love the Museum Gardens as a place to have an impromptu picnic, or even meet-up with family in a covid-safe spot.

Rowntree Park is also a lovely spot, and I love the Minster Gardens for a quiet place to relax and eat food.

Museum Gardens in York, featuring the ruins of an old abbey.
Picture credits here

Las Iguanas

I’ve never actually had food in Las Iguanas before, but they serve lovely drinks and the outdoor area in York is on the roof- which is always fun! Las Iguanas is the best picture-perfect outdoor spot in York to snap a few photos, and enjoy a bit of sun. The food sounds delicious, and I recommend checking out this exciting restaurant.

Have you been to any of these picture-perfect outdoor spots in York? Do you have any outdoor spots you’re excited to check out? Have you ever visited York?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

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      1. I did – the capacity was reduced due to restrictions, which meant there were fewer people per cat 🙂 There is not much space to wait in the foyer before you go in, however.

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  1. I tried to go to Las Iguanas last week but it was bookings only! We went somewhere else instead but I want to go back as I’ve been to it in other cities and love the food!

    Corinne x

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