5 Tips to Avoid Distractions While Working From Home

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If you work from home on a regular basis, you’ll know how easy it can be to get distracted!

Your family might want to spend some time with you, or you might procrastinate by doing a few household errands when you should be working.

As a remote worker myself, I understand how hard it can be to stay focused.

Avoiding distractions while you work from home is not an exact science- and everyone will have different tips and tricks while they complete their work.

However, there are a few key ways to avoid procrastination, stay focused and get some work done at home.

In this blog post, I’ve put together 5 tips to avoid distractions while working from home!

1. Put your phone in a different room

If you’re anything like me, you need to put your phone in a different room to avoid getting distracted while you work!

You might want to check messages from friends and family or you might just be scrolling mindlessly on Twitter.

Put your phone away for a couple of hours while you focus on work. You can always treat yourself to a phone break once you’ve completed a task!

2. Take regular breaks

Keeping your mind fresh with regular breaks is a great way to stay focused and avoid distractions while you work from home.

If you feel properly rested, you’ll find it easier to avoid distractions and take time to complete your work.

person taking a break with a cup of coffee while working from home at a laptop

You could even give yourself allowances to be distracted. For example, you could work on your translation services for an hour and then take a 20-minute break to do whatever is distracting you.

This means you can still stick to a productive work routine while getting a little distracted!

3. Choose the right place to work

It’s so important to choose the right place to work- and this might differ from day to day.

You could work out of the house if you find that you get distracted at home, or you could set up a productive home office for yourself.

It can also help to create an organisational system that works for you.

This will allow you to plan what you need to do, and it will keep you focused on your task- rather than getting distracted.

By creating an effective freelance routine, you’ll be able to stick to your work and avoid distractions.

4. Join a co-working group

I recently joined a fantastic co-working group online, helping me stay accountable and work with other freelancers.

This session takes place every Tuesday, and it includes around 10 freelance writers. It’s a great way to stay accountable and feel part of a group.

It also motivates me to get started with work- especially as I normally find that my afternoons are less productive than my mornings.

four people co-working together in a coffee shop, crowded round a laptop

You could meet up with co-workers to get some work done, or sign up for an accountability site if you find that you get easily distracted!

My Mum and I also like to keep each other accountable for our writing, motivating each other to take some time to work on our passion projects whenever we can.

5. Create clear boundaries

Make sure you create clear boundaries to avoid distractions while you work from home.

You could tell people when you’ll be available if you get distracted by work emails or messages. This means you can just focus on work at certain times.

If you work from home with other people, you could have designated lunch hours when you can chat- and enjoy focused work time until then.

This will help you avoid distractions- and you can avoid distracting other people too!

Do you have any tips to avoid distractions while working from home? How do you like to stay focused? How do you avoid procrastination as a remote worker?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below πŸ™‚

Happy reading x

32 thoughts

  1. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips to avoid distractions while working from home! I particularly found tip #4 interesting, as joining a co-working group can be a great way to stay motivated and accountable while working from home. In my case though, I need to check if there are such groups in my area.😁

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  2. There’s all sound like great tips. You could also try hot desking if you want to make it easier to work if you don’t need to be in the office. It’s an option that has been offered to me, although it doesn’t work with my working hours

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  3. It’s never my phone that distracts me, it’s other people! They don’t seem to remember that working from home is STILL working. I find I’m actually the most productive working in a coffee shop, with my headphones in.

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  4. These are some wonderful tips! I love the part about taking regular breaks to make time for ourselves. Standing up and stretching always help me to stay focus and productive. Thank you for sharing!

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  5. I have found that scheduling my day out has been the most effective in changing my productivity. It also stops me from being distracted as my day is regimented. I also like to mix things up, if I have a task that I need to do that requires me sitting at my desk, I then might do a task on my todo list that requires me to move around or get up and do it. This helps keep me focused. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

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  6. Tip no.1 is quite hard to follow. It’s because I sometimes have important call to answer and messages to reply. But if i’m too busy with work, I won’t bother to check out , y socmeds.

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