Remote Workers: How to Work Out of the House to Improve Your Productivity

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For me, remote work means deciding my routine from day to day, whether I’m writing a blog post for a client or completing a bit of admin.

As part of that work, I often head out of the house. I might head to my local library to work for a couple of hours, or settle into an afternoon at a café.

I find that breaking up my days has a great effect on my productivity, encouraging me to focus solely on work and mix up my usual routine before I get unproductive or stuck in a rut.

From getting distracted while working from home to feeling isolated, getting out of the house is an essential part of my weekly routine- and I know many freelancers in the same situation.

It allows me to socialise, improve my productivity and avoid sitting at the same desk every day.

If you’re a remote worker like me, working out of the house might even help you stay inspired by your work.

Even a couple of hours in a different environment can really up your passion and productivity!

Of course, not every job can be done out of the house- but many remote workers and freelancers are able to set their schedule as long as they get all their work finished.

In this blog post, I’ve put together a guide to working out of the house, including ideas to improve your productivity as a remote worker!

1. Choose the right spot!

It’s important to find the right spot to work, and this might change from time to time depending on your needs.

A freelancer friend recommended garden centre cafés as quiet and relaxing places to work- so there is lots of choice for the perfect work spot!

The right spot will have a good level of light and noise for you to work, as well as enough space for you to set up your laptop.

café- person working on laptop to right of image

You also need to think about what you need for your remote work.

If you need complete quiet for video calls, a busy café might not be the best choice. A local library room might be a better option.

If you’re working in a café, choose somewhere with reasonably priced food and drink, as well as friendly staff.

I like to work at one of my local cafés. It’s a chain, which means I don’t feel too bad setting myself up there for the afternoon, and they always bring over a full pot of green tea.

The staff are also super friendly, and I know a few other people work there during the day too.

2. Bring headphones

Don’t forget your headphones!

If you’re working out of the house for the day, headphones are an essential item. You need to be able to block out any noise.

I also like to listen to some of my favourite music while I work. It keeps me focused and gives me a bit of motivation to get typing when I’m finding it hard to feel inspired.

If you need to make a call while you’re working out of the house, headphones will be important for this too, to make sure you don’t cause too many distractions to other people.

3. Don’t forget your chargers

I always forget to take my laptop and phone chargers. Or sometimes I leave them behind on purpose, thinking that everything is fully charged so I don’t need them taking up space in my bag.

But then I end up staying out for longer than I intended or my laptop loses charge a lot faster than I expected.

two phones charging- taking your phone charger when you work out of the house

Do yourself a favour, and don’t forget your chargers. Most public spaces include a couple of plug sockets, so you can easily charge your electronics whenever you’re out and about.

This can help you save money on electricity bills, too!

4. Get inventive

If you’re looking to work out of the house and improve your productivity, this doesn’t just mean heading to a café.

There are lots of places to work out of the house. You could work at a friend’s house or even go to your local library.

Whether you’re completing translation work or you need to get to a bit of writing, get inventive with your work routine to push your productivity.

If you’re out running errands for the day, why not take your laptop and work in a local place?

This will make your work just a little more inventive and creative, pushing you to use your limited time wisely, rather than slogging away at the computer at home.

5. Enjoy yourself

Last but not least, enjoy yourself!

Working out of the house should be enjoyable, giving you chance to get away from your desk and try out a new work environment.

After working as a freelancer for over a year, I’ve noticed that I tend to get distracted quite easily if I only work from home during the week.

people laughing with laptops in library- work out of the house remote worker

Taking a bit of time out of your normal work environment can be a great way to get productive and enjoy your time.

This could be short-term, such as for the day, or long-term, such as travelling.

A break from your normal work routine can do wonders for your productivity and inspiration. You can treat yourself to a slice of cake, a cup of tea or even a bit of lunch!

Are you a remote worker? Do you like to work out of the house to improve your productivity? Do you have any tips to increase your productivity as a remote worker?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

34 thoughts

  1. These are great tips and reminders when we decide to get out of the house for once, hehe. I work from home too and changing environments, bumping into people, or just getting some fresh air outside our regular workstation can help our focus and productivity for sure. It’s nice we don’t forget all our chargers…

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  2. These are some great tips to help improve your productivity when you work from home. I haven’t tried it much being in a cafe or something to work. But I love sitting at my desk. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not sure I could just rock up to a café and work their for half the day. For one, I don’t drink tea or coffee, which would make it hard ha ha ha. Some kind of booth hot dealing at a push maybe, but I think I’d prefer to work from home as I have to eat regularly to keep my reactive hypoglycaemia in check. Good tips for others though


  4. I’ve been a remote worker for nearly 14 years now and I find it virtually impossible to work anywhere but from my own home office – I get too distracted by my surroundings. Also, I do love being a hermit, so there’s that too!

    Liked by 1 person

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