5 Tips to Make Your Living Space Your Own

AD- This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When you first move into a new home, it can be so exciting to find ways to make it your own.

You might want to add a special touch to a flat you rent, or you might want to express a bit of creativity in your dream home.

Finding simple ways to make your living space unique is so important!

It can turn a house into a home- and it’s great to find a few affordable ways to customise your living space whenever you can.

You don’t need lots of money or a full home makeover to create a space you love.

In this blog post, I’ve put together 5 tips to make your living space your own!

1. Choose a few pieces of artwork

One of the best ways to make your living space your own is to decorate your walls with images you love.

You could buy a few pieces of artwork from a local gallery or check out affordable prints of famous paintings from poster stores.

three black and white paintings- artwork to make your living space your own

If you don’t fancy customising your space with artwork, you could even decorate your home with posters from your favourite films or choose to display some photos of your favourite people.

These prints will make you smile every time you see them- and there are no limits on the pictures you can choose.

2. Add lots of plants!

I love adding a few plants to my living space, and greenery is a great way to brighten up your home and make you smile.

Make your home your own by picking out a couple of plants, including fake or real plants in plenty of shapes and sizes.

You could even buy gorgeous flowers to add a bit of colour to your house on a regular basis.

3. Explore your outdoor space

Your living space isn’t just about the inside of your home- it’s about your garden, too.

You could add a few decorations or plant gorgeous flowers to make any outdoor space your own.

You could even explore a unique seating option for your garden, such as a hammock.

person laying in a hammock, just end of legs, looking up at sky

Hammocks are a great way to add a special touch to your outdoor living space, freeing up lots of room in your garden and offering a place to relax.

Tropilex hammocks are hand-woven, and they even donate a minimum of 1% of their annual sales to support environmental non-profit organisations!

4. Invest in the colours of your choice

Choose the colours of your choice to create a living space that feels like your own.

You could paint your walls in a special shade or use a specific colour palette to choose decorative touches for your home, such as cushions, crockery or blankets.

You could even paint each room a different colour!

For example, you might want to paint your living room in warm colours to make it welcoming and inviting.

5. Get creative

Finding ways to make your living space your own doesn’t have to be expensive! In fact, you don’t even have to buy anything to decorate your living space this Spring.

You could reuse glass bottles and jars as vases, or reuse tins and ramekins to hold bits and pieces on your desk.

clear glass jar with string lights

Make use of light whenever you can, as this is a great way to brighten up your home and maximise space. This might mean pulling up your blinds or investing in a few lamps.

Get creative to make your living space a little more unique!

How do you like to make your living space your own? Do you have any tips to customise your home? Do you like getting creative with your home decor?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below πŸ™‚

Happy reading x

22 thoughts

  1. I think artwork especially made by your children can be framed and put on the walls to encourage their creativity. Or black and white family photographs also add a nice, personal touch. Indoor plants and a lounge area outdoors are also wonderful ideas. πŸ‘Œ

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  2. I got so excited when I seen the title!
    I am currently at home after 15 months working away and looking to bring new lofe into my home.
    Auch a great read and the tips/advice is definitely great inspiration for me at the moment.
    Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As I live in a rental I don’t get much choice about wall colours but I love the idea of having choice over this with decor items instead; I can definitely make my apartment more my own in this way. This also reminded me to get some artwork on display too as currently we have nothing on our walls (eek)!

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