4 Bloggers to Follow this April

AD- This post was sponsored by my advertisers. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

I love supporting and following new bloggers each month, and this month I have a new range of brilliant blogger recommendations. These bloggers discuss lifestyle topics, come up with book recommendations, and share delicious recipes.


My first blogger recommendation this month is the lovely Hannah Kaye. She writes a brilliant blog about everything books! She writes about her favourite authors, must-read novels, and her never-ending book recommendations.

I love her gorgeous posts, and she chooses her favourite books from genres such as graphic novels and romantic reads. I also love how Hannah discusses the best books to read when celebrating an occasion, such as her post celebrating International Women’s Day– and why it’s always a good idea to pick up a book on World Book Day.

If you’d like to check out Hannah’s brilliant work, head over to her blog. You can also connect with her on Twitter and stay up to date with everything she’s creating.


My second blogger recommendation this April is The Grumpy Olive. I love the three bloggers who run this fantastic lifestyle post, and they write posts about their favourite products, such as The April Brewer, and they share recommendations to some of their favourite reads.

As well as regular lifestyle posts, The Grumpy Olive also provides brilliant recipes and their posts always make me hungry! I love their cheesecake recipe, and it’s so fantastic to find new recipe suggestions for every occasion.

The girls at The Grumpy Olive are friendly, supportive, and full of creative ideas and brilliant recipe suggestions. I really recommend checking out their blog, and you can also connect with them via Twitter for more updates on what they’re up to.


I’m so excited to introduce Sarah, a fantastic blogger who is based up in Harrogate. Her lifestyle blog discusses life as a content creator- and I love the positive energy that Sarah encourages in her blog and on her social media platforms.

I love learning about Sarah’s recent interest in running, particularly her opinion of Couch to 5K as a beginner. As well as lifestyle posts about the struggles of adulthood, she also writes about making easy eco-swaps in your home and in your daily life, helping you learn a few easy tricks to stay sustainable.

If you want to find out more about Sarah, please check out her blog and don’t forget to connect with her via Twitter and Instagram.


My final blogger recommendation this April is The Blog of a 20-Something Year Old! This is a brilliant blog all about life as a 20-something blogger, and I love all the lifestyle posts about subjects such as independent living and the best retailers for young people.

It’s great to hear about the life of another 20-something year old when you’re trying to make your way as a recent graduate!

The posts on this blog are super relatable, with posts about pet peeves and a rating of this blogger’s top 4 favourite retailers based on factors such as quality, sizing, and how up-to-date their styles are.

If you’d like to find out more about this blogger, check out her blog and don’t forget to connect with her via Twitter for more brilliant life updates.

Have you checked out these 4 bloggers? Do you enjoy finding new blog recommendations? What’s your favourite blog this April?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

46 thoughts

  1. Hannah is one of my favourite bloggers! I always get the best book recommendations from her. The grumpy olive have been one of my favourite blogs for a really long time, I love their food content so much. I also love Sarah’s content! You’ve got so many great bloggers advertising with you this month x

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  2. This is so nice, I only recognize one of the bloggers. I’ll make sure to check out the others one too! I absolutely love this kind of posts. It is super nice to give a shoutout to other bloggers from time to time. I love this!

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  3. I love reading blogger recommendation posts, it’s always so good to find new blogs to get lost in. Hannah, Sarah and the Grumpy Olive I know and love, but The Blog of a 20-Something Year Old is new to me so I’ll look forward to checking her out 🙂 x

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  4. Thank you for having us, Eleanor!! We are in great company this month, I love Hannah’s book recommendations!! Checking sunshine Sarah and The blog of a 20 something years old now, thank you again xx

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