Film Review: ‘Pretty Woman’

Welcome back for another film review 🙂

I recently got chance to watch this film- after wanting to watch it for so long- and I really enjoyed it!

‘Pretty Woman’ is a 90s film about a young “call girl” Vivian (Julia Roberts) who is hired by a business man, Edward (Richard Gere). Edward needs someone to accompany him to important, high class social engagements with various business associates. He thinks that a girlfriend will complicate things too much, and so when he meets Vivian one night while she’s out working, he realises she is the perfect solution.

And this arrangement is perfect for Vivian, too. As someone who is not used to men treating her well, she is blown away by Edward’s behaviour as a gentleman, failing to understand his rich, middle-class way of living.

As Vivian and Edward start to understand each other’s worlds, they get closer as people, with Vivian helping Edward with his business meetings, and Edward opening Vivian’s horizons, and her mind.

A still from 'Pretty Woman'. Edward and Vivian look at each other. She is wearing a bright red dress and he is wearing a smart suit.
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I loved this film for many reasons, not least the glamour and excitement. When Vivian first goes to the hotel where Edward is staying, she is mesmerised by his wealth, and I loved seeing how this world was so different to the one she was used to.

I also loved the glamorous scenes where Vivian and Edward go to upper class parties, such as the races. The people she encounters there are rich and snooty and so the interactions between them and Vivian are fantastic. The scene where Vivian goes shopping is also a classic, and yet it was so glamorous to watch.

I would really recommend this film, as it was fun and light, but also a meaningful watch, and I actually found that it stayed with me afterwards. While it may be seen as just a “stereotypical” love story, I thought this was a brilliant film.

Stuck in the house, it’s hard to find activities to fill out the day, especially if you’re not working, and so I would really recommend this film to anyone wanting to escape the realities of the world for a few hours.

Did you enjoy my review of ‘Pretty Woman’? Do you like films that feature Julia Roberts and Richard Gere? What’s your favourite 1990s classic?

Happy reading (and stay safe) x

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  1. It was a fun movie. I generally don’t like Julia Roberts too much, but she was good in this. Richard Gere I usually do like. My favorite rom-coms are usually the ones with Meg Ryan ❤️

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  2. I think pretty much everyone saw this in the 90’s (except Hubby). I loved it back then. It probably caused many of us then-teens to expect to be swept off our feet by Prince Charming Hollywood-style… but life doesn’t always end up like the movies 😋

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  3. Pretty Woman is one of my all time favs! If you are looking for some interesting things, they have tons of articles about the origins of the movie. Apparently, they weren’t supposed to end up together. It’s a great story with some meaningful themes about the power of money and male/female relationships.

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  4. I love Pretty Woman too, it’s also one of my Hubby’s favourite secret favourites and we’ve watched it numerous times since it was released. 😉

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