Film Review: ‘Clueless’

Welcome back for another film review 🙂

As uni work picks up, I’ve been spending less time reading, and more time watching films on Netflix. ‘Clueless’ is one that I’ve been wanting to watch for ages, as I love films from the 90s, and so I was very excited to watch it a few nights ago.

‘Clueless’ is about a young woman, Cher, going through high school during the 1990s, and she is always a step ahead of her classmates as her father being a successful lawyer, showering her with materialistic possessions and making her the envy of all her peers- and one of the most popular girls at her school.

The film follows Cher’s story through high school, as she barters for her grades and challenges her teachers, thinking the world belongs to her and that everything should fall at her feet.

As a (very, very) loose re-telling of the Austen classic ‘Emma’, Cher starts to play matchmaker at her school, encouraging the kindling of a romance between two of her teachers in order to get her school grades up and impress her father.

And she doesn’t stop there, befriending the new girl and making her into a popular girl like her, trying to find her the perfect boyfriend. But her plans for her own romance story don’t always go to plan, and while she tries to find the perfect boyfriend, she realises that maybe he was always there and she just never noticed him.

The main girls in the film 'Clueless' walk near their school carrying their books and bags.
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This is a tale of finding love in the strangest of places. As is clear from the description, this is a very stereotypical tale of the trials and tribulations facing a young girl finding her way through school. I loved the feel of the whole film, especially because I love anything from the 90s and 00s.

I absolutely loved the fashion choices in this film, and Cher’s character was funny and obnoxious and I loved all her interactions with her friends at school, her narration really adding something to the film and putting the audience into her mind. I also loved Paul Rudd’s character and the whole film had brilliant touches of innocence.

Have you seen this 90s classic? What did you think of my review of ‘Clueless’? Do you enjoy cheesy, light films?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments 🙂

Happy reading x

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  1. Clueless came out when I was nine years old. So I grew up watching this classic. It’s always nice to revisit the 90s, and this one is fun but with a good message behind it.

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  2. I absolutely love films from the 80’s and 90’s. They are my favorites and don’t seem to make em like that anymore. Clueless is one of my favorites, mostly because I always wanted Cher’s closet. What is your favorite 90’s film so far?

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    1. Her fashion choices are amazing! Tbh I think Clueless is definitely up there but 10 things I hate about you has always been my 90s favourite 🙂 I’d also really like to watch pretty woman soon as I love Julia Roberts!

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      1. I think 10 things might be my favorite too. It’s got my 3 favorites in it, Heath, Julia, and JGL. It’s such a feel good movie and funny. I’ve always wanted to go on a date and do the paint filled water balloons!

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