4 Bloggers to Follow in September

AD- This post is sponsored by my monthly advertisers. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

Every month, I feature 4 bloggers on my blog and Twitter channel. I love featuring lots of different bloggers, including lifestyle blogs, mental health blogs and even home decor sites.

This month, I’m so excited to feature a few bloggers that I’ve never featured before! Find out about 4 bloggers to follow this September.

Lauren: Bournemouth Girl

Lauren is one of my favourite bloggers, and she is a lovely person to connect with online!

The Bournemouth Girl blog shares posts all about stationery, organisation and productivity, mental health and more.

I love her posts about local experiences, such as her visit to Afternoon Tea at The Connaught Hotel and Spa. She also regularly showcases other bloggers on her site to help them find new followers.

Lauren helps her readers understand life as a 30-something blogger, including her post about things you definitely don’t need to do before 30!

Check out the Bournemouth Girl blog or connect with Lauren on Twitter.

Lynn Mumbing Mejia

I love Lynn’s blog, and she features beautiful images of her home decor projects and delicious recipes.

Lynn is a Canadian Content Creator, focusing on minimal and neutral home decor inspiration, budget-friendly DIY projects and delicious, simple recipes.

I love her recipe for bacon jalapeno popper stuffed mushrooms, and her Sprite Yakult soju drink is the perfect Summer recipe.

I really want to try out the sweet chunky mango guacamole recipe and her tasty deep fried chicken wings sound incredible!

Check out Lynn’s blog or follow her on Twitter.

Love Always Joann

Love Always Joann is a fantastic blog! This blog started as a way to honour Joann’s Mother’s wish of writing a memoir.

She has been journaling since grade school, and her blog is a way of chatting about all of her experiences and honouring her Mother’s memory.

Joann shares her experiences as an Autism mum, helping other autism families navigate the ups and downs. This includes information about her autism journey in several different parts and a celebration of World Autism Day.

She also shares her love of Disney, adding a YouTube channel where she cooks and bakes her way through a Disney cookbook.

Follow Joann’s blog or connect with her on Twitter.

Simply Saph

Saph is a 26 year old UK lifestyle blogger, Mum and dreamer!

She uses her blog to write about anything and everything, including her minimalism journey, baby story and all of her favourite books.

I love her post about how to embrace minimalism and she writes fantastic reviews of some of her favourite kids’ products or self-care bits and pieces. Check out her Stamp ‘n Stick review to find out more.

I love Saph’s posts about home decor, including 6 tips for a cosy and quaint cottage garden.

Find out more about Saph on her blog or connect with her on Twitter.

Do you follow any of these fantastic bloggers? Are you going to check them out this September? Who is your favourite blogger at the moment?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

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