3 Amazing Bloggers to Check Out in August

AD- This post is sponsored by my blog advertisers. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.

I love featuring fellow bloggers on my blog and social media channels, and this month I’m discussing 3 amazing bloggers that I love!

Whether you love reading lifestyle blogs or you’re obsessed with baking, I recommend checking out all of these blogs this Summer.

In this post, find out about 3 amazing bloggers to check out this August!

Molly: Lovely Local Indie

I absolutely love Molly’s blog, and I’m so excited to feature her this August!

Molly writes about the best Derbyshire independents to check out. As a Yorkshire girl myself, I’m not a million miles away from Derbyshire- and some of the places she recommends sound amazing.

On her blog, Molly discusses her favourite places to eat, drink, spa and stay across Derbyshire.

I love her post about cosy places to drink and dog-friendly places to check out across Derbyshire. She also discusses free days out, which will be fantastic for the Summer holidays.

She prides herself on including only the finest, quirkiest and cutest places- no faceless chains allowed!

Check out Molly’s blog or follow her on Twitter for regular updates.

The Grumpy Olive

I’m so happy to feature The Grumpy Olive blog as one of my advertisers this month! I love their blog, and it is full of delicious recipes!

I love their Summer recipes, such as the summer butter beans salad. I always crave fresh and delicious food during the Summer months, and this salad recipe looks amazing!

three young women outside a café, The Grumpy Olive bloggers

Their recipe for peach hand pies is also a great choice this Summer, including a fresh basil filling. I really want to try their matcha mochi muffins or matcha sponge cake, and I’ve heard a lot about the health benefits of mathca.

Find out more about The Grumpy Olive blog here or follow them on Twitter.

Sunshine Sarah

Sarah is one of my favourite bloggers, and I’m so happy to feature her on my blog this month!

If you don’t know Sarah already, she writes fun and interesting posts about life as a vegan, things to do in the UK and more.

I love her ultimate guide to vegan chocolate– and there’s a few products on there I’m going to buy for myself!

She also writes about shows to watch if you loved ‘Emily in Paris’, as well as beautiful parks to visit in the UK.

She also writes great posts about her favourite nostalgic fashion choices, including a post all about her favourite bands.

Follow Sarah on Twitter or check out her blog now!

Are there any bloggers you think I should check out in August? What’s your favourite blog in August? Do you like any of these bloggers?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

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