5 Reasons to Try Out an Internship in 2023

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Many people across the UK take part in internships before heading out into the world of work.

If you’re a student at school or University, you might try out an internship to decide what you want to do when your degree finishes, or you might want to check out a new career before changing jobs.

While an internship isn’t necessary to do well in life or to get your dream job- it is a great chance to immerse yourself in a new career, testing out a certain career before you commit yourself to that line of work.

person at a laptop, completing an internship application

When I was at University, I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do with my career- and I needed to try out a few things before I found something that I really enjoyed.

Although I didn’t take part in a formal internship, I found that short work experiences allowed me to get a feel for different areas of work.

This in turn encouraged me to put aside certain career options or pursue different ideas.

In this post, I want to discuss 5 reasons to try out an internship in 2023! There are lots of benefits of internships, whether you’re looking for something abroad or close to home.

1. Meet new people

An internship is the perfect chance to meet new people!

It gives you the opportunity to meet people outside of your school or University circle, socialising and working with a range of people who have similar interests or ambitions to you.

Meeting those who are important in a certain line of work is also very helpful for any future opportunities.

For example, taking part in work experience at a certain firm may mean that your name is in the mind of recruiters, allowing you to find future opportunities with this company after you graduate, if this is your aim.

2. Chance to travel

Although there are lots of internship opportunities here in the UK, an internship also gives you chance to travel somewhere new.

Whether you want to explore International Internships Seoul or you’ve got your sights set on Paris, there are plenty of ways to add travel to this new experience.

travelling by aeroplane to an internship abroad

If you’re someone who wants to travel as much as possible during your time as a student, an internship could be the perfect idea for 2023!

An internship isn’t just learning about different career opportunities.

It can also allow you to grow as a person, enjoying experiences with new people and maybe even exploring a brand new country.

3. Try before you buy

One of the best things about an internship is the chance to try before you buy!

Many careers need dedicated study or training before you can start in a position.

For example, if you want to become a solicitor, you have to study for several years, as well as completing a competitive trainee programme.

An internship in a law firm could help you understand if this career is for you or not, before committing lots of time to your future job.

This applies to any future professional career- and it will save you time and money!

4. It opens doors

Depending on the internship you choose, this kind of work experience can open doors.

It allows you to get experience in a workplace before applying for jobs. This experience can be very helpful during your time at University, especially as you may have a bit of free time while you study.

opening the door to a future opportunity with an internship

The University Summer holidays are usually several months, so an internship could be a great way to break up your time off, all while banking a bit of experience that might help you in the future.

Even if you don’t decide to pursue a career in your internship or work experience placement of choice, it can still help to show future employers certain key skills, such as initiative, reliability and more.

5. It’s fun!

Last but not least, taking part in an internship can be lots of fun!

It gives you chance to travel abroad, explore a new place, find out about a different or future career, learn new skills and even make new friends.

If you’re a student, an internship also offers a great change of pace from endless hours of studying. It can be great to challenge yourself with something a bit different!

Have you ever tried out an internship? Do you enjoy trying new experiences? Do you think internships are beneficial?

Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading x

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