4 Reasons to Make ‘Moxie’ Your Next Watch

I recently watched ‘Moxie’ on the recommendation of my sibling, and it was such a great watch!

From gender to race, there were so many important issues raised in this film- and the characters and storylines managed to bring each issue to light in a humorous and unique way.

‘Moxie’ follows 16-year-old Vivian, who witnesses lots of sexist acts at her high school, such as the ranking of women’s bodies and preferential treatment for the captain of the football team.

The teachers dismiss many of the complaints as simple bullying, failing to recognise the severity of sexism at the school.

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Many of the problems highlighted in the film were things I saw at my own school, such as unfair dress code rules and those “small” instances of sexism that many of us laugh off or dismiss.

Inspired by her Mum, Vivian decides to do something about it.

She creates an anonymous magazine for the girls in her school, sparking students to take part in acts of protest against sexism and misogyny.

I absolutely loved this film!

It really drew attention to the blatant, accepted sexism that is experienced by people across the world, calling out discrimination and sexist attitudes, and highlighting just how dangerous they can be.

In this blog post, I’ve put together 4 reasons to make Moxie your next watch!

1. It will make you want to do something!

One of the main reasons to make ‘Moxie’ your next watch is because it will make you want to do something.

In the film, Vivian jumps into action, writing a powerful and funny magazine against students and teachers at the school who contribute to sexism.

The ending of this film is amazing. It is strong and powerful- and it really draws attention to all the issues that women and girls face in society.

This will fire you up and encourage you to make some change.

2. It’s about more than feminism

The feminist storylines in ‘Moxie’ are great – and they make up the majority of the film.

However, there are also other issues highlighted in this film, including insightful discussions about race, transgender rights, teen and Mother/daughter relationships.

Lucy in the film Moxie, standing by her locker at school
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Lucy, the new girl at the school, is one of the main people that encourages Vivian to take action. She is bullied by the football captain, and Vivian can see that something needs to be done.

As a young woman of colour, Lucy speaks out about race and gender, alongside Amaya and Kiera, two frustrated and discriminated students at the school.

The characters in this film are rich and interesting, each one introducing a new storyline that makes you think.

4. The cast is amazing

The cast of ‘Moxie’ is amazing! Directed by Amy Poehler, she also plays the role of Vivian’s Mum. Although this isn’t a large role, she is fantastic- and I think Amy Poehler is hilarious.

Her rebellious youth inspires Vivian to take some action- and I loved the interactions between the two of them.

I also can’t believe how much Vivian looked like she could be Amy Poehler’s real daughter!

the cast of Moxie sat outside the high school
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Vivian’s friends at school were great. I’ve not heard of any of the young actors, but I thought they did a fantastic job playing their characters.

5. It will make you think

In the film, Vivian doesn’t realise that there are any issues at her school at first. She votes in the rankings and sees the boys in her school as an annoyance, rather than a danger.

However, once she starts to see examples of sexism, she can’t help but see it everywhere. This is so true!

This film will really make you think about the things that happened while you were at school, as well as the small ways that women and girls are treated everyday.

From cat-calling to sexist comments, sexism is everywhere once you stop and think about it.

Have you watched ‘Moxie’? Do you enjoy films and books about feminism? What is your favourite film at the moment?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below πŸ™‚

Happy reading x

31 thoughts

  1. I saw the trailer for Moxie a while ago now and considered watching it, but I never did for some reason.

    I enjoy movies that highlight key issues in a humorous and interesting way to make them more engaging. It is interesting that this film incorporates other issues and has insightful discussions about transgender rights, race and more, as they need to be discussed.

    There were so many issues that occurred when I was at school that I just thought was normal, but now looking back, it was clearly sexism.

    I will be adding Moxie to my to-watch list.

    Thank you for sharing. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing! I completely agree, there are so many instances of sexism that we just don’t notice until it’s pointed out to us. I hope you enjoy this film, there’s so many important discussions but it’s still a funny and light-hearted watch x

      Liked by 1 person

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