4 Amazing Bloggers to Follow in May

AD- This post is sponsored by my monthly advertisers. All thoughts are my own.

This month I’m back with a brand new set of bloggers that I think you should follow in May. These are all amazing bloggers, and I love their blog posts and social media channels.

Each of these bloggers are supportive members of the blogging community– and every single one of them is worth a follow this Spring.

In this post, find out about 4 amazing bloggers to follow in May, including blogs about lifestyle topics and travel.

Laura: Dispeller

This is the first time Laura is advertising with me, and I’m so excited to feature her blog here!

Dispeller is all about wellbeing and important lifestyle topics, without the “sanctimonious fluff”. Laura aims to create a space dedicated to curiosity, shattering illusions, and being true to yourself.

Her post explaining what narcissist’s mean is a fantastic read, and I absolutely love her musings about sustainability and clutter. From tips about how to beat the new Pinterest algorithm, to a few key ways to improve your self-love, her posts are interesting, helpful and really worth checking out.

Find out more over on her blog or connect with her on Twitter for more information about Dispeller.

Jenni: Image Consulting and Personal Styling Blog

I’m so excited to feature Jenni on my blog today, as I love her blog! Jenni is an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist, and she helps her readers put their best foot forward in any situation!

She wants to help people create a style that works for them, building a clearer self-image growing in confidence. Her blog is completely inclusive, and she writes about fantastic topics such as looking stylish while working from home and powerful job interview styles that work for you.

A woman brushes back hair from her face. She has blonde hair, and she wears a leopard-print shirt.

Jenni wants to use style to inspire everyone to be their best self, and I love her post about how to make a great first impression.

Follow Jenni’s blog now, and don’t forget to check out her fantastic Twitter account for regular updates.

Sunshine Sarah

I love Sarah’s blog, and she is one of my favourite bloggers! Her blog is all about different lifestyle topics, such as vegan food, Spring recommendations and fashion suggestions.

I love her post about creating an eco-friendly wardrobe and her post about great things coming in Spring is one of my favourites!

Check out her blog for regular posts about sustainability, and her post about blossom is a lovely read. We all need to make the most of Spring and Summer, and blossom is one of the best things about this beautiful time of the year.

A woman stands in front of a rainbow wall background, pointing at herself with her fingers

Follow Sarah’s blog now, and check out her Twitter page for lots of blog and life updates from Sunshine Sarah!

Relative Luxury

Relative Luxury is all about chasing lifeโ€™s little luxuries, sharing inspiration on menโ€™s lifestyle, travel and more!

This blog focuses on a range of fashion, travel and brands for those with a taste for the finer things in life- but with a budget in mind.

From posts about different hotels to try out to the best gins in Scotland- their blog is full of fantastic recommendations!

Their post about the best luxury gifts for men is a great read if you’re after an up-to-date gift guide, and this blog shares regular recipes too.

Follow the Relative Luxury blog now, or connect with them on Twitter for regular updates.

Have you read any of these blogs? Are you looking for bloggers to follow in May? What’s your favourite blog at the moment?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy reading x

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  1. This is the first time Iโ€™ve heard of any of these bloggers so I need to check them out! Thanks for sharing.


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