3 Reasons ‘Becoming’ Could Be Your Next Inspirational Read

Welcome back for another book review πŸ™‚

‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama is a fantastic read- and also a fantastic watch if you have access to Netflix. I first watched the documentary with my Mum, and when she bought me the book I got chance to understand Michelle’s story in a lot more detail.

I’ve really been getting into reading more books this year- and I found this a very inspirational, interesting, and honest read. Michelle discusses her search to find out what she wants to do in life, the kind of person she wants to be, and how she will find her voice alongside her husband’s political fame.

Below, I’ve listed 3 reasons ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama could be your next read- and why I found it so inspirational!

Michelle Obama is just an ordinary person

This was the over-riding factor I took from the book. Michelle Obama’s life is not perfect, and her relationship with Barack has experienced ups and downs over the years- just like any other couple.

These imperfections were so brilliant to read about, as they showed that behind their public faces this couple are just the same as other couples- with the same worries, insecurities, and inequalities as millions of other couples across the world.

Michelle also speaks honestly of her emotions. Throughout the book she describes time she has felt anger, resentment, loss, love, and hate. I thought it was very honest how she discussed the fact that responsibility over having children rested with her- and the resentment she felt about Barack’s life in the political limelight.

I also loved how she discussed how she moved past this resentment, using her experiences and skills to make an ambitious voice for herself in a way that I found inspiring to read about. These are the emotions and challenges any ordinary person would experience as they grapple with the political limelight, and her story was real and honest.

Michelle Obama smiles for the camera in what looks like a half-candid shot.
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Michelle’s work ethic is amazing

Michelle Obama has done a lot of work and jobs in her life as a working woman- and I think it was really interesting to read about her growth, understanding how she created a name for herself in many different avenues- including working for a hospital board, a local government organisation, and a corporate law firm.

Michelle also played a large role in her husband’s campaign, making many speeches to the American people and also finding her own voice once her husband was elected as President, such as contributing to the improvement of young women’s professional confidence and career opportunities.

I loved hearing about her experiences mentoring and aiding the progression of young women, encouraging the children of the country to make healthy choices, and promoting the idea that a woman (from any background) should never feel like an imposer in the workplace.

I loved that she eventually moved on to work that was fulfilling for her, and she is motivated and committed to whatever job she is working at- both before and after she became First Lady. I loved how she did not want to simply play an ornamental role as First Lady and instead wanted to promote initiatives important to her- without taking away from her husband’s role as President.

The inspirational book 'Becoming' by Michelle Obama is on sale in a bookshop.
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Michelle admits her faults

It is clear throughout this book that Michelle Obama admits the faults she has made- and I loved her discussion of her career anxieties and changes.

I particularly loved how she moved on to a career that was more fulfilling to her. Michelle was on a trajectory to be a corporate lawyer, and she was very successful at what she did.

But after a while she fell out of love with the law, and I love how she discussed this feeling- ultimately looking for something more fulfilling that could balance her family’s hopes with what she wanted for herself.

I’m not sure a lot of people would be brave enough to admit they no longer enjoyed something as high paying and well-respected as the law, and it was really inspiring to read how Michelle followed avenues she was more passionate about- while still having to find a profession that made enough to support herself and her family.

Do you think ‘Becoming’ could be your next inspirational read? Have you watched Michelle Obama’s documentary on Netflix? What is your next read?

Let me know all your thoughts πŸ™‚

Happy reading x

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  1. I read this in January and it was absolutely incredible!! The way in which Michelle Obama is just so human and relateable – working while raising children, battling mum guilt, exhausting herself raising a family while also trying to help every single person she can. Both her and Barack have incredible work ethics, morals and ideas and they are so determined and accomplish all they set out to. A completely groundbreaking couple and absolute inspirations for young people of colour, or everyone in general. I loved the book, it was chatty, informal and easy to read. Definitely recommend to anyone and everyone!!

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    1. She is sooo relatable I agree- and she doesn’t shy away from conversations about her negative feelings, like you say πŸ™‚ I agree- their work ethics are inspiring and yet they seem so human and “normal”, and I loved the tone of the book too. I’m so glad you enjoyed this one, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts x


  2. I’ve only recently subscribed to Netflix and I hadn’t realised she’d done a documentary – I’ll definitely look this out as autobiographies aren’t really my genre. That said, I do think I could make an exception for Michelle! x

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  3. Even just reading this makes me feel very inspired. She has definitely been one of the most inspiring and empowering women in history. I’m looking forward to reading this book. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post and putting in words and bringing out the best of the book.

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  4. This makes me so happy because Michelle Obama’s Netflix documentary is next on my watch list. She is so inspirational and I love her story and the woman she is! Her book is one of my favourite reads of all time.

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  5. Great review! I’ve watched the Netflix documentary and loved it. She is just a phenomenal woman. I’ve been wanting to pick this up and read for like, ever. But just never got around to it but I’m going to make a point to read it this year! x

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  6. I tried watching the documentary but I just couldn’t get into it. I’m notorious for not being able to sit still though when I’m in the middle of house renovations though so I should try it again. The book sounds great too.

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  7. I have read the book when it came out and watched the documentary not long ago and loved both of them! She is such an inspiration and absolutely love her commitment and bravery! Thanks for sharing x

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  8. I’m not a big political person, but I love memoirs, and I loved Becoming. In no point did it drag, and she has such a great storytelling ability that it kept me engaged throughout. I didnt know there was a companion documentary. I’m definitely going to check it out now though. Thanks!

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    1. I’m not a political person either, but I agree it didn’t feel too “heavy” or like she was trying to push an agenda- it was an honest insight into a very ambitious, interesting woman πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy it, let me know x


  9. I’ve always wanted to give this a read but I’ve never got round to buying it! Thanks so much for sharing – hopefully I’ll get round to reading it soon!

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  10. Watched her documentary on Netflix. She is a very strong woman and at the same time, her heart also reflects what many women feel. I also love the way how she instill values to her daughters. Michelle, really rocks!

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  11. I don’t normally read nonfiction but this has been one of my exceptions and making me realise that I need to read more. I read this last year and was honestly so inspired and immediately recommended it to my mum to read. I haven’t seen the netflix adaption yet but definitely want to. Fantastic review.

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  12. I have heard so much about becoming. I haven’t read it but this review has definitely made me add this book to my to-be-read list. I love Michelle a lot. She is one of the strongest women I know and from what I have heard about this book, I know it’s a must read.

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  13. I’ve heard so many things about both the book and the TV series that I think I need to get round to reading and watching them! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, it sounds like such a fascinating read.

    Tash – A Girl with a View


  14. I’ve heard about this book before but I haven’t read it yet. Reading your review makes me feel that I need to get myself a copy of this book and read it. It’s very inspirational. Thank you for sharing your review.


  15. I’m not really updated as to her life and works.. but the way you described her seems wonderful. I guess there always something behind the curtains of famous people even to the political ones. It’s nice that she made this book and expose her life. It makes her more human in a way that she is open to the public about her ups and downs πŸ™‚

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  16. I’m definitely adding this one to my reading list. It’s great to hear how open and honest Michelle is. Sometimes when people write books like this they gloss over a lot of stuff and it’s difficult to relate. But this sounds right up my street. Thanks for the review!

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