Guest Post: Series Review of Chicago Fire

The following is a guest post by Chloë . I can’t wait to hear all her thoughts on this series!

I’ve been hooked on the One Chicago (Chicago Fire, Chicago PD and Chicago Med) series for a few months now and I’d love to share my thoughts on this. Hopefully, after reading this post, you’ll be on your way to binge-watch these series too. In this review, I’ll be focusing on just one of the shows: Chicago Fire.

Chicago Fire is a fictional series that focuses on the daily lives of the firefighters and paramedics from Firehouse 51 in Chicago, both on the job and in their private lives. The cast features Taylor Kinney, who some of you might know as Mason Lockwood from The Vampire Diaries. 

The characters from the series 'Chicago Fire' pose for the camera.
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The show counts 8 seasons, with Season 9 currently airing in the United States on NBC, and the show has been confirmed to be renewed up until Season 11 already. 

In the beautiful Chicago, Bataljon Chief Wallace Boden (Eamonn Walker) leads his teams from firehouse 51. With the help of lieutenant Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer), who leads truck 81, lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney), who leads squad 3 and Gabriella Dawson (Monica Raymund), who is in charge of ambulance 61, they try to bring all their calls to a good end.

The team often has to cope with set-backs, both on the job and in their personal life, all which help the audience get a deep insight into the issues and characters of the series.

A still from the series 'Chicago Fire' where the characters help an unconscious man.
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It is very hard to review an 8 season-long series without major spoilers, but I’m going to try my best. 

Even though these series’ are fictional, you do really feel as if you’ve emerged into the day-to-day life of an actual firehouse. The cast all had basic firefighter training before the series started filming, so that when they are depicting actual fires or accidents, they are staying very close to reality. This is what also makes fire-fighting scenes all the more intense, and you truly feel as if you’re there. 

If you love a good drama series, you will definitely love Chicago Fire. Just like in every drama series, people will come and people will go, including potentially your favourite characters. Relationships will start and they will end too, which is what makes it so much more exciting to me. Chicago Fire is really good at building suspense between characters for a long time, before eventually bringing them together- and that is what initially got me hooked too. 

Two of the characters from the series 'Chicago Fire' have a caring moment. He places his hand on her arm.
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The only disadvantage about Chicago Fire is that it sometimes has crossover episodes with the other One Chicago series Chicago PD and Chicago Med. There’s this one particular episode in Season 8 called “Infection part 1” with an absolute cliffhanger of an ending, and if you want to know how it continues, you have to go to Chicago Med season 5 episode 4 and Part Three takes you to Chicago PD Season 7, Episode 4. This can be very annoying when you don’t like the two other series or if you’re following the series on TV and they’re not currently playing PD and/or Med. 

Overall, however, I absolutely love these series’, as well as PD and Med- and Chicago Fire remains my favourite of the three. It is a drama series, but there is also a lot of room for humour. There have been multiple episodes where I absolutely cracked up laughing, as well as cried the whole way through. The series brings a lot of emotions with it, so if that is your cup of tea, then make sure you go and watch it now. You can watch all episodes up until Season 8 on Amazon Prime. 

Thank you for featuring on my blog, if you want to read more of Chloë’s writing, check out her blog and find her on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

32 thoughts

  1. I’ve never heard of Chicago Fire but it looks like a great series and this is a fab review! Thanks for sharing.

    Tash – A Girl with a View

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  2. I started watching a couple of series with mom and never finished it after I moved out!! It was our treat after work and school, so I will have to catch up with the rest! Thanks for sharing x

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  3. I have watched the series since it started — actually all three. I think you could do a post just on how Herman’s bad Irish accent has developed over the years. It’s a fun series, but honestly, I am starting to get bored with it and probably won’t stick with it much longer. Thanks for your thoughts.

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  4. My husband and I are completely hooked on the Chicago One series. We got into it around season 3 of Chicago Fire when my mother couldn’t stop talking about it (she had been watching it and loving it) and now we make a point of never missing an episode. As you said, there are characters that come and go and sometimes that’s hard, as a character you like may make an exit (potentially in a very sad way), however, that only draws us in more. I’m SO glad that it’s being renewed because I’m nowhere near done with it yet lol

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    1. Ooh that’s great! Yes I love it when our favourite series’ are renewed for more series’ and this really does sound like a fun and interesting series to check out. Thank you for sharing your thoughts x


  5. I’ve never heard of the show but I love these types of shows! Away to find where I can watch in the UK right now! The crossovers can be annoying, I watch a few shows where they do similar and it’s very frustrating, still excited to give this a go though!

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  6. This sounds like a really interesting sbow! My fiance is a volunteer firefighter so this would be great for me to watch. I really enjoyed your review and I think this could be a new series for me to enjoy.

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