4 Bloggers to Follow this January

AD- This post is sponsored by my monthly advertisers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Welcome to my first advertiser post of the year! I’m so excited to introduce a brand new batch of bloggers for you to follow this January, including lifestyle blogs, writing blogs, travel blogs and well-being blogs to check out all month long.

Find 4 fantastic blogs to follow this January, and don’t forget to let me know which blogs you’re loving so far this year!


I am thrilled to feature Jamie on my blog again! His fantastic blog covers lots of different topics, including writing, reading, and the environment. He is passionate about improving his impact on our world, and he shares all of his thoughts on his favourite books and reading habits.

I love his posts about little trips he takes, such as his visit to see West Side Story and he shares little tidbits of his writing via his blog for anyone to enjoy.

Image of a lake and trees with a man stood to the right hand side, his face half obscured. The words "Jamie Ad Stories" in the middle.

Jamie also shares ideas for eco-friendly habits, such as his post about quick eco-fixes. I love all of his books about reading and writing, including his post about why books make such good presents– which I happen to agree with!

Check out his blog now or connect with him on Twitter.


I love Alex’s blog, and I’ve also featured her fantastic blog before! She writes about a range of interesting lifestyle topics, helping readers improve their habits and offering wellness tips and tricks.

I love her posts about essential oils and finding balance in your life, and I love that she helps others find positivity and wellness in their day to day lives. She also writes about certain foods to avoid to stop having migraines.

Lifestyle blog logo that reads "Simply Alex Jean" in purple, lilac, and grey

Her date ideas are cute ways for couples or first time daters to enjoy the Winter dating scene. Find out more about Alex via her blog or connect with her on Twitter.


The Weird Lifestyle blog is a fantastic blog all about inspiration, motivation, and other lifestyle topics. Eri writes about staying confident, and 5 tips to boost your self-confidence. I love the posts all about self-esteem and trying to fit into society, and why people strive for perfection in life.

The Weird Lifestyle blog also shares poetry and fiction, including Faded Image and Full Moon.

The blog logo for the Weird Lifestyle blog, an abstract black and white image

Check out the Weird Lifestyle blog now for a wide range of lifestyle blog posts that really make you think! You can also connect with Eri on Twitter for regular updates about the blog and new, fantastic pieces of writing.


I am so excited to feature Sandra here this month, as she is a fantastic travel blogger who writes about travel, new destinations, travelling tips, personal stories and real travel photos from her trips.

She writes about travelling with your dog and tips for unknown places to visit in Berlin. She also writes fun posts about travel-inspired names for your pets, and some exciting tattoo ideas related to travel.

Logo for "My Small Travel Guide" blog, these words are written over a background of mountains and a foreground of branches.

I love how Sandra discusses traditional foods and customs from the places she has lived or visited, such as her post about the best traditional foods to try in Latvia.

Check out her blog now or connect with her on Twitter for regular updates!

Who do you think I should follow this January? Do you currently read any of these amazing blogs? Which bloggers should I check out this January?

Let me know all your thoughts below πŸ™‚

Happy reading x

42 thoughts

  1. Some amazing bloggers. I love reading Simply Alex blog. I will definitely check out My Small Travel Guide. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. I haven’t heard of My Small Travel Guide before so I’ll be sure to check it out, especially the travel tattoo ideas! Love all of these other bloggers πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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