4 Bloggers to Follow this November

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I love finding new bloggers to follow and enjoy, and during the cool Autumn and Winter months there’s nothing better than curling up with a cup of tea and catching up on everything the internet has to offer.

Below, find 4 fantastic bloggers to check out this November. They are all fantastic creators who write about everything from sustainable living to reading and writing.


Vourneen is a fantastic blogger and a lovely member of the blogging community. She has transformed her life using minimalism, and her blog aims to show readers how they can simplify their lives using minimalist living.

I love how her posts help people understand what minimalism really is, and how we can apply it to our daily lives.

Blog logo for The Plain Simple Life. These words are written in cursive.

Vourneen also discusses topics such as sustainability and decluttering, showing readers how simple it can be to declutter, and offering useful tips and tricks for sustainable living. She also writes about intentional living, considering ways that everyone can live intentionally every single day.

Check out Vourneen’s blog for more about her fantastic posts, or connect with her on Twitter and Instagram.


I’ve been following Jamie’s blog for a while now, and I love reading his posts all about books, travel, and entertainment. He originally started the blog to talk about books and the environment, but he soon started talking about his favourite TV shows and films, too.

He writes fantastic posts about his favourite eco-friendly life hacks, as well as tips about books and writing. His post about eco-friendly things you can do now is very helpful if you’re starting your sustainable journey, and I love reading all of his book recommendations.

Half of a boy's face on the right hand side of the image, and the words "Jamie Ad Stories"

Check out Jamie’s blog for more useful posts about everything from writing to sustainable living, or connect with him on Twitter where he regularly supports other bloggers and creators.


I really love Alex’s blog, and she writes all about organisation, health and wellness, and various lifestyle topics. She is a Pinterest enthusiast, and she helps people achieve everything they want for their blog or business using Pinterest.

Based in Canada, Alex is passionate about writing useful articles on her blog, and I love the wide range of topics she discusses. Her posts about organisation are helpful for anyone looking to organise their life, and she gives out some fantastic Pinterest tips. She also writes heart-warming content about reaching out to long-distance friends, and how you can always be there for the people in your life.

A logo for a blog, the words read "Simply Alex Jean" on a purple background

You can connect with Alex on her blog or Pinterest account, or find her on Instagram where she is a very supportive member of the blogging community.


The Grumpy Olive is one of my favourite blogs, and I love the variety of topics they write about. From delicious recipes and book recommendations to travel ideas and detailed itineraries, The Grumpy Olive is the place to go for regular recipes and fresh ideas.

This Autumn, The Grumpy Olive girls have come up with another batch of fantastic Autumnal recipes, and they all sound delicious! I love this recipe for peach curd, and this Ricotta hotcakes Recipe sounds perfect for cosy nights in.

Their recipes will be perfect for any Autumn parties, and their Pumpkin Gnocchi recipe sounds like a healthy and seasonal choice!

Three women smile at the camera, outside a coffee shop.

Check out The Grumpy Olive blog or connect with these bloggers on Twitter for regular blogging updates.

Do you follow any of these bloggers? Which bloggers do you think I should follow in November? Do you enjoy checking out new blogs every month?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below πŸ™‚

Happy reading x

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  1. These are definitely my favourite kind of posts to read! Love getting to know more about other bloggers and coming across new ones. Thank you for sharing x

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  2. Hi Eleanor. An excellent collection of bloggers, including ones that I’m already familiar with. It seems that we are spoiled for choice when it comes to good bloggers at the moment πŸ™‚

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