12 Simple Ways to Improve Your Sleep Every Night

In today’s post, I’m talking about sleep!

For me, sleep has always come naturally- and I know I’m incredibly lucky for that.

Whether you sleep like a baby or you suffer with insomnia, there are definitely ways we can all improve our sleep and make sure we get restorative sleep every night.

The benefits of sleep are numerous. From helping with weight loss to improving focus, there’s nothing quite like getting enough sleep to make the most of a new day!

In this post, I’ve come up with 12 simple ways to improve your sleep every single night

1. Go to bed at the same time every night

I’ve spoken before about the importance of waking up at the same time everyday, and I’m slowly trying to do it myself…

However, going to bed at the same time every night is also super important.

It puts your body and mind in a proper routine, and it means you’ll eventually start to feel tired towards that time each night.

2. Keep your bedroom at the perfect temperature

You want to try and keep your bedroom at the perfect temperature for sleep, to improve your sleep every night.

This means you need a space that’s not too warm or too cold.

During the winter months, you might want to put the central heating on for an hour or so right before bed to keep the bedroom nice and toasty.

3. Avoid screens

It goes without saying these days, but screens really do affect your sleep- especially just before bed.

Try to avoid going on your phone, or alter the settings on your phone so it automatically reduces bluelight after a certain time.

4. Stop working before bed time

When you work right up to bed time, your mind is still buzzing!

Whether you’re working because you’re stressed or you just have a great idea right before you sleep, you need to try and give your brain some time to switch off before getting under the covers.

5. Practice breathing exercises

Many people find breathing exercises or meditation helpful right before bed, bringing a sense of calm before nodding off to sleep.

This is particularly helpful if you struggle with anxiety, and it can lead to a clearer mind before you try to sleep.

6. Avoid stress close to bed

One of the best ways to improve your sleep every night is to avoid stress close to bed. This could be stress about work or something in your personal life.

Try to get to a place of closure or calmness before you go to bed- and never go to sleep angry!

7. Invest in supplements

Many people find that supplements can help to improve sleep, and vitamins such as magnesium have been known to reduce anxiety.

These vitamins can also help with any hormonal issues and improve quality of sleep for people with insomnia.

8. Don’t get into bed until you want to go to sleep

As part of keeping your bedroom at the right temperature for sleep, it’s important to try and avoid getting into bed before you want to go to sleep, too.

Watch TV or read in a different spot, and your bed won’t be too warm or sweaty before you want to fall asleep.

9. Only sleep in places you feel comfortable

For me, I can get quite anxious when I sleep in a bed that isn’t my own.

Even if I feel comfortable, something about waking up somewhere new gives me a bit of morning anxiety- and I find it harder to get to sleep, too.

So if you know you struggle with sleep, try and only sleep in places where you feel completely comfortable.

10. Put something on in the background while you sleep

Listening to a podcast, some music or your favourite show while you sleep could help you drift off.

There’s no shame in distracting yourself to help you feel calm enough to get to sleep at night.

11. Cut down on alcohol

In my experience, drinking can go one of two ways. You can go to sleep for hours, but still feel tired in the morning- or you can’t get to sleep at all.

For me, it’s the second of the two- and there’s nothing worse than trying to get to sleep while you’re still a bit tipsy.

If you’re trying to improve your sleep, substances like alcohol and caffeine need to be kept to a minimum!

12. Speak to your doctor

Issues with sleep can really impact your quality of life- and it can never hurt to speak to your doctor for more concrete ideas to improve your sleep every night.

They might have some great tips or exercises you can try, or even medication to try if they think you need it.

Do you have any simple ways to improve your sleep every night? What tricks do you use to get a good night’s sleep? Do you think you need to find a few ways to improve your sleep?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

71 thoughts

  1. These are all tips that I take super seriously. Every night, I get in bed at the same time, read a physical book for about an hour (without any screens on nearby) and listen to soft jazz. Then I turn on my fan, turn off the lights, meditate, listen to sleepcasts on Headspace, and drift off. I have slept wonderfully for a long time – and I used to really struggle with insomnia. Grateful for the routine!

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  2. Great suggestions to get a good nights sleep. I am a creature of habit and years of going to bed and waking up at the same time have carried on into retirement. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. A few people have recommended the Calm app, I hope it helps others 🙂 that’s a great tip, thank you for sharing, it’s definitely important to avoid anxiety or stress- especially if you get in your head about sleeping well x


  4. This is an excellent post. This is so many good points to help with sleep. I love using lavender to help me sleep. Thank you for sharing.

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  5. These are fantastic tips to help improve your sleep, one of my must-haves is a cool environment I cannot sleep when I’m too warm! I love your tips about screens as it’s so easy to take your phone or tablet to bed and look at them before bed which doesn’t help at all with getting ready for sleep! Great list – thanks.

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  6. My sleep is actually rarely affected by much. I can sleep whilst my boyfriend plays PlayStation, after scrolling on my phone, with noise in the background, in hot weather – anything! Which I guess I’m very fortunate for! But I do love to establish a nice nighttime routine and always feel like I get better QUALITY sleep when I do!

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  7. Love this post! I do quite a lot of these myself to help my sleep and it really does work. I have a pretty good nights sleep if I stay away from my phone before bed, I feel like my brain isn’t in overload then. Thank you so much for sharing lovely Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

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  8. Reading is definitely the thing I do if I’m struggling to get to sleep. I think cutting down on screen time and drinking some water before bed also helps me to feel calmer and more tired.

    Tash – A Girl with a View

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  9. These are great tips for improving sleep. I’m getting into the habit of turning off my phone at least an hour before bed and not working any later than 7:00pm

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  10. Great tips. Thank you for sharing them.

    I used to struggle with my sleep, but mummy life knocks me out most nights.

    I’m terrible for screens and blog work right before bed. Something I need to change!

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  11. I go through periods of terrible sleep patters due to a chronic condition. I find melatonin helps really well and I often do breathing exercises too if I’m getting anxious about falling asleep too. Great informative post!

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  12. These are all amazing tips! I struggled with insomnia for so long and something still gets periods where I find it hard sleeping well but reading before bed for an hour or so has totally helped, as well as having something relaxing to listen to, it really helps slow down x

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    1. Thank you Christina 🙂 I’m so glad that you have found ways to help your insomnia. It can be so hard to deal with, but you see to have found ways to slow your thoughts and get ready for a good night’s sleep x


  13. Never use alcohol to try and sleep. Although you think it helps you sleep because you’re unconscious, it in fact stops you from getting the kind of sleep you need to avoid feeling tired, which is why you wake up still feeling tried for the rest of the day

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