4 Bloggers to Follow this October

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This month I am so excited to introduce some brand new bloggers! This October I have put together a fantastic list of lifestyle bloggers, writers, and travellers.

I love reading new blogs, and these are some brilliant choices to check out this Autumn.


Morag is a fantastic blogger living in the North of Scotland. She shares little tidbits about her home country, and her adventures abroad.

Before the Covid pandemic, Morag had visited 38 countries and she plans on travelling to Slovakia and Ukraine in the future- as well as returning to the Netherlands and France when possible.

Image of young girl holding a disposable cup of coffee

Morag also blogs about her range of mental and physical health conditions, sharing valuable tips for those trying to navigate the medical world. I love that she writes empowering blog posts about being single, and why being alone does not mean you’re lonely!

Morag is also avid reader, she loves photography, and she regularly writes about her bullet journal journey. Check out her blog or find her on Twitter.


I love the sisters over at The Grumpy Olive blog, and they are the kind of girls that you just want to be best friends with! I recommend checking out their posts about everything from recipe ideas to what to read.

They write fantastic seasonal blog posts, such as their favourite Halloween jumper choices– perfect for enjoying the cosy nights that come with October. I love their post about what to do during the Autumn season, and a few ideas to try out.

Three young girls smile at the camera outside a cafรฉ.

This blog features mouth-watering recipes, such as their recipe for Coffee Bean Cookies– which look delicious. The girls at The Grumpy Olive also write about travel, such as their itinerary which includes a list of fantastic things to do in Amsterdam.

Check out their blog or connect on Twitter now!


Ellie is a new blogger that I’m so excited to introduce this month. Her blog follows Ellie’s travel adventures around the world, and her life as an expat in the UAE. She’s visit 26 countries and counting, and she has spent the last 6 years travelling as a solo and group traveller.

Ellie loves sharing the tips and tricks she’s picked up on her travels! She shares packing tips, and considers the best gear or resources available to travellers. I love the bucket lists Ellie creates for fellow travellers, such as where to visit in Paris.

Logo for Ellie's blog "Ticking the List" which features a drawing of a young woman in front of a grey map of the world.

Ellie shares tips for other solo travellers, and the advantages and disadvantages of living abroad. Check out her blog for more fantastic posts or connect on Twitter.


N. S. Ford is a writer and avid reader who lives in the UK. She has a degree in English, and she really knows her stuff when it comes to reading, writing, and blogging.

As well as running a successful blog, N. S. Ford has also launched her debut novel! The novel is called ‘We Watch You‘ and it is a dark, psychological thriller with a speculative twist. It was launched earlier this month, and it sounds like a fantastic read.

The book blurb on Amazon reads, “A small English town is rocked by the disappearance of a local woman, Tina. As the search continues, someone is targeting her former best friends for revenge. Lauren, Jess, Claire. They all hide secrets. Who knows what they did? Whoโ€™s watching them? The truth is stranger and far more sinister than they can ever imagine.”

The front cover of N. S. Ford's 'We Watch You'.

N. S. Ford’s book is now available as a Kindle ebook (including Kindle Unlimited) and paperback, and you can also connect with her on social media.

Have you head of these bloggers? Do you want to check out these fantastic writers and bloggers? Do you have any blogger suggestions for this October?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy reading x

66 thoughts

  1. Such a great list of bloggers! Iโ€™ve actually never heard of anyone on this list except for the Grumpy Olive, so Iโ€™m definitely gonna check the others out.

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  2. I know and adore The Grumpy Olive blog, their posts are so engaging, you feel like they’re just chatting with you. And how exciting to have some new blogs to check out as well – plenty to read this month, thank you, Eleanor! x

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m very familiar with the Grumpy Oliver bloggers, they’ve made quite an impact on the blogging scene in such a short time..I haven’t heard of the other bloggers or writers though, so I’ll have to check them out

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s always so nice to see other bloggers supporting each other with these posts and advertising opportunities. I love travel blogger posts. It gives me serious wanderlust! Can’t wait to go abroad once more

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Grrat suggestions Eleanor! I already know and love sisters of The Grumpy Olive blog. They all are fantastic in what they do. I will definitely check the others also. Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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