Top 5 UK Freelance Sites for Writers

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After graduating from University I’ve been trying to find part-time work and finding freelance work on the side. In the next few months, I’d like to start writing for some freelance clients, and so the research for this post is going to come in very handy when I want to find some work and start reaching out to clients.

During these tough times, it’s even more important that those working for themselves have resources to find freelance opportunities when things get hard, and so I really recommend checking out all these sites for regular job postings.

I’ve bookmarked every single one of these sites, and I hope this list comes in useful to anyone looking for freelance opportunities in the UK!


Okay, so LinkedIn might not be a freelance-specific site, but it is full of opportunities all across the UK! I joined LinkedIn during my second year of University, and I would really recommend checking out all the regular job postings on there.

Logo of LinkedIn, "LinkedIn".
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Since joining, I’ve also connected with lots of other writers and freelance workers, and so this means that even if I don’t happen upon the right opportunity- I have chance to chat to other supportive freelancers.


Freelancer UK is a site dedicated to posting opportunities for freelancers of all disciplines, but particularly writing jobs. The site advertises regular postings about content creation, social media content, blog writing, and more.

Whether you’re looking to do some freelance social media work, or you’d like to write content for another website- check out this site and find a relevant job posting for you.


Gig Leads is a fantastic site for freelance workers in the UK, allowing writers to access a plethora of online opportunities all in one easy place. Gig Leads has a special directory for freelance writers to find opportunities- or if you’re on the other end of things, you can post a job and find the perfect writer for your work.

Gig Leads offers a fantastic deal for members, and with the opportunity to sign up for a month, 6 months, or even a year, it means you can decide what works best for you and your needs. The membership includes access to jobs all in one place, and gives writers the chance to apply directly to job postings.

Gig Leads also allows freelancers to add their profile information and allow specific clients to contact you directly all about their latest opportunities.

Gig Leads logo, "Gig Leads, Jobs For Freelancers'.
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It’s a very accessible site, and I love that this site doesn’t just provide freelance opportunities. The site offers regular freelance updates for writers and workers, meaning freelancers can find helpful resources and regular job postings right in their inbox.

Run by the experienced Emma, Gig Leads is designed exclusively for writers and content creators. She runs fantastic social media accounts, with regular updates over on Twitter and LinkedIn. Head over and connect with Emma now to find out more about this brilliant new site.


People Per Hour is a site with direct access to freelancers and freelance projects, and freelancers get chance to verify their work whilst also promoting themselves via the site.

People Per Hour logo, "People Per Hour, Job Done".
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If you’re looking to hire a freelancer, you can find the right person for your job in one handy place, including prices and specialities. And if you’re looking to find freelance work, you can apply to put your profile details on the site and wait for freelance clients to contact you.


The Freelancer Club is a great site to find regular freelance postings, and it gives you chance to upload your portfolio and showcase your previous work for any new clients.

It’s fantastic that freelancers have the chance to be contacted directly by clients, and the site also gives freelancers the chance to connect with others.

What are good sites to find freelance opportunities in the UK? Do you enjoy finding opportunities online? What’s your favourite place to find freelance work?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below πŸ™‚

Happy reading x

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  1. What a hugely helpful post for so many! I hope this helps others find work. These are desperate times for a lot of people and hopefully you sharing this will help many writers and freelancers.

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  2. You’ve got some great options here, especially for those that are just getting started in the world of freelancing. One of the biggest challenges that I struggled with in the beginning was simply figuring out where I could find work as a freelancer. I knew what I WANTED to do but I didn’t know how to actually get started in doing it. This is a great resource for those that are stuck at the same step!

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  3. Great resources! Thanks for sharing these!! I’ve not tried freelancing yet, but it’s something I’m considering doing in future

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  4. This is really helpful for those who are looking into getting into freelancing. Knowing what sites are best to use can make a huge difference.I live in Canada, so other than LinkedIn, I don’t think most of these would help me in my goal of becoming a freelancer, but seeing what these sites re like will help me find the better ones in Canada.

    Liked by 1 person

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