Guest Post: 8 Self-Care Books and Podcasts

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Self-care is important and is something everyone should do. It looks after the mind and keeps your mental health in line. While some may haveย self-care activitiesย to calm their mind, others may read or listen to podcasts.

Here is a list of my favourite self-care podcasts and books. They are amazing at relaxing your mind and helping you through the difficult times in your life!

‘The Little Book Of Self-Care’ by Mel Noakes

I loved this book as, not only did it contain a heap of helpful advice, it didn’t overwhelm me. The information this book contains was genuine and simple to understand. There are so many tips and activities for you to try no matter what stage of life you’re at. You can apply Noakes’ methods to your situation.

It has been one of my favourite self-help books as I’ve managed to read it all without getting bored. I thought it was insightful, and exactly what you need to kickstart your self-care journey!

Books, warm drinks, and candles are placed next to a running bath.

‘The Habit Coach With Ashdin Doctor

If you love podcasts and organisation, this habit-helping podcast is for you! There are lots of
weekly tips and motivation to get you to create new habits and increase your productivity. The episodes are usually around 10 minutes long, so they’re perfect for community or when you have a little bit of free time.

There are lots of encouraging bits of advice in this podcast to help you make permanent habit changes!

‘Art Of Mindfulness’ by Emma Farrarons

Although not your typical self-help book, ‘The Art Of Mindfulness’ explores how sketching, colouring and letting can help you with your self-care. Despite not having any actual advice in, this book is really calming, especially if you are creative.

I liked the variation between each page; no two were similar, and that meant for more diversity! I loved this adult colouring book as for me, it seemed different the standard colouring books out there.

‘The Chasing Joy Podcast With Georgie Morley’

Georgie Morley has suffered from numerous disorders, including an eating disorder and bipolar ll. Morley talks about spirituality and gives you the motivation for personal growth.
This motivational podcast is really enlightening, and having suffered from an eating disorder myself, I can relate to her stories and experiences.

The podcasts are designed to help you, empower you and keep you focused on your journey to a happier life!

‘Love For Imperfect Things’ by Haemin Sunim

This was a beautiful book to read. It teaches you how to understand that you’re worthy in a world that strives for perfection. The book had a calming aspect about it, helped by the gorgeous illustrations and relatable quotes throughout.

I liked that the author shared his own experience, allowing you to connect with him. It’s full of positivity and helped me to be a more confident person. A notable quote from the book is “There is nothing selfish about looking after yourself first” which I think is beautiful in itself!

A poster that says "self care isn't selfish".
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‘Courage & Spice With Sad Petherick’

‘Courage & Spice’ is an amazing podcast which talks about self-doubt. Every week there are new guests that talk about different topics from relationships, to your career.

I love how real this podcast is with lots of real-life stories for you to listen to. It makes the podcast relatable and you connect more with the host and guests. I also think that the approaches to self-doubt are doable and perfect for everyday life.

Theyโ€™re also backed up by research, so you know that youโ€™ll be following great advice!

‘Ten To Zen’ by Owen O’Kane

‘Ten to Zen’ aims to help you create a calmer, happier lifestyle in just 10 minutes a day. I liked the approachable methods that O’Kane spoke about throughout this book. It was manageable and enabled you to make progress in little steps.

This self-care guide goes through mindfulness and meditation in an understandable way. I liked the activities and breathing exercises that were given, so I’d recommend this book to anyone wanting a little peace and control in their lives.

‘The Kindness Method’ by Shahroo Izadi

Like many others, I found this book to be revolutionary. If you’re looking to kick bad habits and learn new ones, this is the best self-help book for you.

You’re guided on how to create your own mapped out plans and make a real change. This book really changed my life. It has been the only self-care book that has helped me to kick bad habits when I felt that there was no chance for change!

You end up falling in love with change and creating a better life for yourself. This is a great book if you’re wanting to make a permanent change to your habits. I tried to spread these resources over as many topics as I could so everyone can have a medium to explore.

Everyone needs a different type of self-help. I hope these books and podcasts can help you to find inner peace and happiness. We all need a little pick me up sometimes, and it’s about knowing where to look.

Do you have any self-care book recommendations? I’d love to know what books have helped you to grow!

About the Guest Writer

Em is a UK blogger focusing on blogging, business & sustainability on her blog “Love, Em“. With 4 years of experience in the blogging world, she is keen to share her knowledge.

Emily is passionate about helping others, and since leaving college, has decided to put her passions in writing. You can find her over on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Happy reading x

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  1. These look amazing, this post couldn’t have been posted at a more, relevant, perfect time for me. I can’t wait to get stuck into some of these podcasts, they’re exactly what I need! thank you x

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