4 Mindset Swaps to Help with Your Body Image

Everyone has an insecurity or body image issue they struggle with. This might be a problem from time to time, or it might be something that you deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Whatever insecurity you deal with, learning to feel good about yourself is a journey all of us have to take- and it can be so hard when you’re stuck in the wrong mentality about your body or insecurities.

In this post, I’ve come up with 4 easy mindset swaps to help with your body image. Changing your mentality is the best way to start to feel good about your body, and I’ve come up with 4 mindset swaps that can help anyone start to think about themselves in a more positive light.

Below, find 4 mindset swaps to help with your body image, and let me know all your suggestions

Instead of “You don’t understand”, try “let me help you understand”

It can be hard for family and friends to know how to support you when you’re experiencing body image issues- so tell them! Instead of getting angry and frustrated when you’re having issues, tell others how to approach these issues with you.

If you don’t want to talk about it, tell them. If you need reassurance, tell them. Or if you need some help, tell them! Try saying “let me help you understand” to those in your life, and swap your mindset to accept help from family and friends who know how to support you.

Try aiming for “healthy skin” instead of “clear skin”

This is an idea I learned from two online skin-positive accounts, Spotty Little Thing and Barefaced Leah. I love skin-positive accounts, and they have changed my outlook on my skin and my acne journey. Instead of focusing on “clear skin” and the amount of break-outs on your face, arms, or back- focus on whether your skin is healthy or not.

Try products that make your skin feel healthy, plump, and fresh- and don’t forget to moisturise your skin when it needs it. Or if products don’t make your skin feel healthy and good- avoid them!

Try “How can I help myself feel better” instead of “how can I make myself look better”

You need to feel good about yourself, because let’s be honest you’re never going to love every single thing about the way you look on every single day. It’s so much better to change your mentality than to change how you look.

How you feel about your body will change so much over your life, so try to change how you feel about your body and implement a mindset swap that will help with your body image.

There’s nothing wrong with doing things to meet your goals when it comes to your body or skin, but feeling happier is all about that mentality that you want to feel good, not look good.

Try “progress isn’t linear” instead of “I should have improved more by now”

When it comes to your skin or body, progress certainly isn’t linear. Losing weight or trying to make your skin healthier is never a linear process, and you need to make sure you get into that mindset. You might have up days and down days- and that’s okay.

Find different ways to measure your progress, such as how you feel about yourself- and less about the physical progress you think you can see in the mirror.

Do you have any mindset swaps that can help with body image? What do you think of my mindset swap suggestions? How do you deal with any body image issues?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading x

61 thoughts

  1. Absolutely love this post! I love the way of thinking about your skin, healthy rather than clear – I’ll be applying this to my everyday thoughts from now on. Thank you so much for sharing lovely Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

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  2. Love this ! The slight shift in words makes such a difference !
    I know using “healthy skin” instead of “clear skin” made such a huge difference in the way I felt about myself !

    Thank you for sharing !

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  3. 4 small but incredibly effective ways to change your course of thinking, it’s great! Inever thought about it as healthy skin, I’ve always been put off by the amount of people who have perfect clear skin and knowing I can’t achieve that, it’s frustrating! As long as your skin is healthy, that’s all that matters, I love that! 💚

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    1. Thank you! It was such a game-changer when I heard it online, and I think it’s beneficial for those who do drastic things to clear their skin but actually make it unhealthier in the process. I have the same frustrations, thank you for sharing your thoughts x

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  4. Love these mindset shifts! The way we speak to ourselves (and others!) is so important and can play a huge subconscious part in how we feel, too! I like the one about skin, I think there’s so many misconceptions around acne or spots being because you’re dirty when that’s far from the case.

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  5. It is incredible how significant words are and the way we talk to/about ourselves. Even just reading this is a powerful shift into becoming more intentional and supportive with ourselves. I struggle with this so much, my inner dialogue is incredibly negative so I really needed this — thank you!

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  6. I think I needed to read this today. I started a new fitness program a few weeks ago but my progress has been much slower than others. As you say, progress isn’t linear and everyone is different also. Thanks for sharing these great mindset swaps.

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    1. Thank you so much, I’m so glad it helped you feel a little better 🙂 it can be so hard to get into new fitness programs but exactly, progress isn’t linear it’s just hard to remember that sometimes!


  7. Yes, I certainly need a mind shift. I want to be a certain size, but I’m not very happy eating 1200 calories a day to stay there. At the size I am today, I am healthy. I need to appreciate the health I have and learn ways to stay that wau. Thank you for the good post.

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  8. This is wonderful for all areas in life. Changing our mindset even in a small way is sometimes the difference between success and failure. Mindset is the first step in accomplishing goals. Loving yourself where you are now assists you in getting where you want to be in the future.

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  9. I LOVE that advice about saying to someone, “let me help you understand.” I think that’s such a powerful way to improve communication – not just for a healthy body image, but for any type of communication issue.

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  10. I have had this mindset issue with my mom for a long time already. I always think that having healthy skin is better but my mom prefers ‘clear skin’ so she hates it so much when I have one small pimple or acne scar. I rarely have pimples, maybe 1-2 in a month; because of hormonal breakouts or food 😦 Pimple isn’t always a bad thing, right? Having one or two is normal but my mom doesn’t have the same opinion as me. But, I feel great after reading your posts 🙂 Thanks for sharing x

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    1. That must be really tough, acne is no-one’s fault and it’s as much about genes than anything else for some people! I’m glad I could help you feel better, and that mindset swap is important for yourself, but also for those around you to understand x


  11. I love these mindset swaps – especially “How can I help myself feel better” (instead of “look better”). It’s like a gentle nudge/reminder that our own wellbeing is way more important than striving to meet some wild, media-imposed standard for how we think we should look.

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  12. Love this! These slight shifts in words can definitely make such a difference. I think my favourite would definitely be on focusing how to feel better rather than look better – feeling happier in your own skin is so important! Thanks for sharing x

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  13. I love this Eleanor! I’m all for having a positive body image. Our mindset is so important when it comes to body image and being a little nicer, kinder and more conscious of what we say to ourselves can go a really long way. I love all these mindset swaps but these two – (Try aiming for “healthy skin” instead of “clear skin” and Try “How can I help myself feel better” instead of “how can I make myself look better”) stood out to me most. Thank you for sharing!

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  14. These are excellent ideas! We often look at things through a negative lens and this is far more positive and thus, better for our mental health. It also acknowledges that these issues can take time to resolve in a positive way, Thanks for sharing.

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  15. Hello! i love this post. These are some really great points about turning it into a positive. Healthy skin is something I’ve not thought about as I always get so caught up in having clear skin! I really needed this post and I’ll be pinning it for later. Alicia


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