A few great blog posts :)

Hi there! I took this idea from Nicki Mags as I really like reading all the posts she recommends each week. Go and check out her weekly posts if you haven’t already.

So I thought I’d do a similar post today and provide the links to some great blog posts I’ve read in the last few months or so 🙂

1. Book Review: Where the river runs Gold by Sita BrahmachariThe Girl on the Go’s Blog

2. Trapeze by Leigh AnsellRead Book. Repeat

3. The Perfect Summer Reading List- My Book RecommendationsMolly Elizabeth Marcelle Books

4. Under a dancing star by Laura WoodLisa’s Books Gems and Tarots

5. Book review: Tales of the Law and how it’s Broken by the secret barristerLast Call at the Bar

6. Good Girl, Bad Girl by Michael RobothamBlue Mood Café

7. Fun and ch-easy Summer Romance RecsHollylovesbooks

8. Book Review: The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by M. Leeitsjustjessie12

Go and check out these posts now if you haven’t already- they’re all brilliant reads!

What posts have you enjoyed in the last few months? Do you enjoy engaging with other bloggers? Have you followed any great blogs lately?

Let me know all your thoughts in the comments below 🙂

Happy reading!

17 thoughts

  1. Have you read Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth? I read it recently, and it’s one of my faves💛 Loved this post xx


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