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Hi again! I was recently tagged by the brilliant fictionbookdude for this post, and it looks like a great tag, so thought I’d finally get round to posting it! So without further ado, this is the Horror Movie Book Tag…


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The Zombie Apocalypse: a book you would save when civilisation ends?

Maybe something like ‘The Bell Jar’ by Sylvia Plath, just because it has some great messages and I really like it!

The Vampire: a book you would stake through the heart?

There aren’t many books that I don’t like, so I’m going to go for ‘The Thousandth Floor’ by Katharine McGee, because I loved it, but the ending was not my favourite and so now I’m excited to read the second book and carry on with the stories of all the different characters! I normally hate series’, so I would stake this book for being so good that I want to keep reading, if that makes sense!

The Haunted House: a book that still haunts you?

It’s gotta be ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn. Such a spooky, psychologically haunting book!

The Psychological Thriller: a book with a twist you did not see coming?

Oh dear, I’ve just used ‘Gone Girl’ for the last one haha. I would have to say ‘The Girl on the Train’, which I read pretty recently- I knew the twist was coming but I had no idea what it would be, and it hit me hard (in a good way!)

The Creepy Doll: a book that seems innocent but isn’t?

I would say something young adult like ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ by Stephen Chbosky. That book seemed like it would be like every other young adult book, but then I found it went much darker than I expected!

The Monster: a book you could barely tackle?

‘Testament of Youth’ by Vera Brittain. It is so long, but I did enjoy it!

The Comedy-Horror: a book with mixed genres that worked (or didn’t)?

I know I use this book for every single tag, but it’s got to be ‘Carry On’ by Rainbow Rowell- this book mixes romance, fantasy and young adult. I could not pin down the genre of ‘Carry On’, but it worked so well.

The Clichéd Teen Horror: a book you found super clichéd/stereotypical?

Maybe something like ‘Thirteen Reasons Why’ by Jay Asher? Just in general there are so many stereotypical and clichéd young adult books, although I for one am not saying that is a bad thing- I think that the word ‘cliché’ is often used negatively, but I would say, if something works and it gives readers enjoyment, why not stick to the same layout or ideas?

The Demonic Possession: a book so gripping you needed an exorcist to escape it?

Probably ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn or ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins! Both were super gripping and I couldn’t help carry on reading them, even if at points I wanted to stop! Once you’ve started reading those kind of books, it’s impossible to stop.

The Science Fiction: a precious book you would permanently sacrifice to aliens to the good of mankind?

Whoa, I feel like the tag suddenly took a deep turn! I really don’t have any books THAT precious! Maybe just a favourite, like ‘The Bell Jar.’

My Nominations:

A book. A thought/ la belle bibliophile/ Sofia@bookwandress

I’ve been doing quite a few tags at the moment, so no worries if you’re too busy to take part or if tags aren’t really your thing! 🙂

Happy reading x

Currently reading: ‘The Moonstone’ by Wilkie Collins

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