Worth it Wednesday #3

Hi again! This is a weekly tag hosted by Sean@Kingombookblogger where you choose a book that receives a lot of hype and it deserves all the hype it gets! I don’t read many hyped books so this will become increasingly difficult, but for now, I’m going to keep going as it’s really fun!! Anyone, feel free to have a go at this tag, it’s great! 😉

So this week I have chosen…

‘Eleanor and Park’ by Rainbow Rowell

I read this book ages ago now… and then re-read it! I love this book because of the romance between Eleanor and Park, they are so cute and it just makes me smile when I read about them listening to tapes together, or speaking on the phone, or thinking about each other. Basically, it’s just so cute and I enjoyed it a lot! I think it really deserves all the hype it gets (although now maybe the hype has gone down slightly?).

Have you read ‘Eleanor and Park’ before? What did you think if you have and are you thinking of trying it? Let me know this, plus all your bookish thoughts, any creative writing suggestions (see, Creative Writing Post- ‘Sky’) and how your holidays were? Thanks again to Sean@Kingombooblogger for this brill tag! 🙂

Happy reading!

Currently reading: ‘No et Moi’ par Delphine de Vigan

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